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San Francisco Honeymoon: A Perfect Honeymoon Place In California

Romantic San Francisco Getaways - San Francisco is a city full of charm. Your yearning for freedom can be infinitely magnified here. Rainbow flags, street artists, young people with red and green hair... ... the Nobel Prize, Silicon Valley, hippies ... ... the Golden Gate Bridge, Flower Street, Chinatown ... ... Here, each month has a special anniversary. Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade in June; the San Francisco Jazz Festival in November. All of them are the factors that make San Francisco full of charm. As American writer William Salo said: "If you are still alive, San Francisco will not make you tired; if you are dead, San Francisco will let you back to life." For travelers, San Francisco can give them endless fun with freedom; for honeymooners, San Francisco is the best honeymoon destination in the world and will certainly have a romantic and memorable honeymoon.

Romantic San Francisco Getaways - San Francisco has been designated one of the most romantic cities in America so don't you think it's time your found out why? It could have something to do with the climate, the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, the many beaches around that are great for talking long walks at sunset or the many parks in the area where romantic couples can walk together, hike, bike, and simply enjoy being together. In addition to activities such as this, there are other ways in which to enjoy the great outdoors of San Francisco as a couple. You could take a sunset cruise in the San Francisco bay is you want to make a very romantic night of it.
Lombard Street-San Francisco
Romantic Getaways

San Francisco offers numerous delights for rejuvenation of senses and spirit. Take out time for a mountain bike ride on Mountain Tamalpais, explore the Golden Gate Park or sip over a cup of coffee while enjoying the views of San Francisco Chronicle. Create your own romantic memories to back home. However, take your heart and your wallet too, when you are on your honeymoon in San Francisco!

Being a weatherperson for the city of San Francisco could be a daunting task. In the morning you could be in shirt sleeves and under clear skies, in the afternoon, enshrouded by mystical fog, and by evening huddled beneath an umbrella. Yet, in spite of the variances, it certainly doesn’t dampen the spirits of honeymooners. In fact, this "cool, grey city of love," as quoted by the famous poet, George Sterling, is truly romantic, no matter what the forecast is.

You can find some very romantic dining for two in San Francisco’s Nob Hill district. This charming little French restaurant, Rue Lepic, has mouth-watering Parisian dishes in a small, intimate and very romantic setting. Decorated with fine art, fresh roses at each table, and frequented by celebrities who also appreciate the fresh lobster and Crème’ Brulee. For a quick and tasty cheap-eat, take a bite out of Nick’s Crispy Tacos (order them “Nick’s Way”), a local favorite.

Fisherman's Wharf-San
Francisco honeymoon
If the night stage isn’t really your thing, fear not, every neighborhood in this city has distinct vibes when the sun goes down. Hip hop buffs may be lured South of the Market to the SOMA district where the electronic beat flows nightly from a number of the clubs. Those who prefer to rock till they drop will get their wish in the Mission District after checking out one of the fun-loving watering holes. If you’re looking for a little more upscale and sophisticated chic, you may want to test out a diner in the The Marina district. And for action around the clock, North Beach, A.K.A. Little Italy, is the place to meander. Whether sipping on a latte or a glass of fine wine, this energizing area offers everything from late night partying to mighty fine pasta.

Romantic Things To Do During San Francisco Honeymoon
Stroll along the Embarcadero – not only are the lights and the views spectacular but also as part of the second annual Holiday Waterfront Walk, the restaurants at Piers 1 ½, 3 and 5 have some special offers as does the Hyatt Regency and the Embarcadero Center ice rink.

Ride a cable car! The cable cars in San Francisco cost $6 for a one way trip but if you have a San Francisco CityPASS you can ride them as often as you want. There are only 3 trolley lines with the most popular being the one that operates between Powell and Hyde street. Line ups form all day long at the starting points on either end of the line so be prepared to wait if you want to ride one. If you just want to ride it to say you hung off of the side of one, walk a few stops up from the starting point and hop on when it comes by and you are almost sure to grab a spot on one of the side runners.

Don’t miss the San Francisco Boys Chorus Christmas Concert on Dec. 18 at Oakland’s Cathedral of Christ the Light, 2121 Harrison St.. The Grammy Award winning choir and choir-in-residence of the Cathedral will perform their annual Christmas concert for the community. Guided Cathedral tours are also available one hour before the performance.
Golden Gate Bridge
Romantic Francisco Getaways

Even if you've only got a couple days for your romantic getaway in San Francisco, head down to this lovely place, one of the finest city parks anywhere. Over 1000 acres of rose gardens, lakes and green space framing the magnificent Golden Gate. And the Bridge is right there if you decide you'd like to walk or cycle across.

Dust your nose with a few snowflakes. Snow will fall three times a day in the atrium lobby (the world’s largest) of the Hyatt Regency San Francisco, Five Embarcadero Center, until Dec. 31. Thousands of cascading lights and a dramatic 45-foot-tall tree are part of ahh-inspiring effect, too.

Favorite Hotels In San Francisco
Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf
Overall Honeymoon Score: ★★★★
Average Price Per Room Per Night: $280
Number of Rooms: 313
555 North Point Street, San Francisco, California 94133, United States

Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco
Overall Honeymoon Score: ★★★★☆
Average Price Per Room Per Night: $469
Number of Rooms: 277
757 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94103, United States
(800) 332-3442 (415) 633-3000

Handlery Union Square Hotel
Overall Honeymoon Score: ★★★★★
Average Price Per Room Per Night: $195
Number of Rooms: 377
San Francisco
Romantic Getaways
351 Geary Street, San Francisco, California 94102, United States
(800) 843-4343     (415) 781-7800

This Hotel was lovely. Stay in the new part though. Rooms are very large and comfortable. Also make sure to get a package that includes parking. Parking is very expensive in San Fran. It was an excellent location. This hotel is also pretty inexpensive. Alot of bang for you buck here.

Tips For You romantic San Francisco Honeymoon
The subway system for the Bay area is called the BART; it’s easy-to-use and cheaper than taking a cab (it costs between $1.75 -$10 each way depending on where you’re going). If you plan to use public transportation a great deal during your trip, you may consider investing in a Public transportation Passport ($13/1 day, $20/3 days, $26/7 days) for unlimited bus, trolley, cable and streetcar use.

Public transportation connects the two major airports, SFO and Oakland, with the city proper. (When booking your trip you will find that it is often cheaper to fly into Oakland which is just across the Bay-then all you have to do is take the shuttle from there to the Coliseum station where you get the BART) International visitors should note that it is customary to tip 15%-20% on all service charges everywhere in the United States.

How To Get There
Reaching the city is quite easy with three major airports serving major international and domestic flights from different parts of the world. Other public transportations like train, buses, taxis, shuttles and hired cars are also available for getting in and around San Francisco.

Romance is a state of mind; it's just much easier to get to that mental place in a city like San Francisco. Take a trip with your beloved and see what all the talk is about.

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Romantic Getaways: San Francisco Honeymoon: A Perfect Honeymoon Place In California

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