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Boracay Honeymoon: The Most Beautiful Island In Philippines

Romantic Boracay Getaways - Boracay, one of the islands of Philippines, covers an area of 10.32 square kilometers. The island has a population of 12,003 people (2000). Being the most beautiful island in Philippines, Boracay belongs Western Visayas Islands and is 2 km northwest from Panay Island. In 1990, " BMW Tropical Beach Handbook" named Boracay one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And in 2007, Boracay won the first prize in "the world's most popular beach " selection.

Romantic Boracay Getaways - While the bride may be dreaming of a honeymoon at a beach spa and resort, the groom may have ideas of a more adventurous trip that involves fishing, scuba diving, wind surfing and kite surfing. How about the Boracay Island? Does it sound interesting enough to you? Well, this tropical place can be found in the North of the Aklan province, being one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. The landscapes with white sand are the main attraction of this island.

Boracay, Philippines
Romantic Getaways

Boracay Island is heaven on globe for everyone who desires to spend a soothing hassle-free vacation in dazzling surroundings; hence, it is the ideal destination to pamper your girlfriend or spouse in a lavish beach villa. It will make your honeymoon more memorable.

Perhaps less well-known than other Asian honeymoon destinations and often overlooked by mainstream travellers, this stunning 10km2 island boasts more than 30 gorgeous beaches fringed by sparkling clean turquoise waters.

Boracay’s White Beach is almost as well known for its party image as it is for the sugar-white sand that gives it its name. The beachfront and area immediately inland is crowded with shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs – the place to party-on until the wee-hours.

Another popular beach is the Puka Beach, named so for the puka shells that are found along this area, and is used to fashion jewelry and other trinkets to sell to visitors. Puka beach is generally considered to be quieter than White Beach, with lesser people. Another beach is the Baling Hai Beach, which boasts of a restaurant atop a cliff that overlooks the whole area, and is perfect for romantic dinners and rendezvous.
Boracay, Philippines
Romantic Honeymoon

Away from the beach, explore the island on foot, horseback, scooter or quad and mountain bike. Check out the bat caves on the northeast coast, cycle through the forest of dead mangrove trees on the south coast, hike up to Mount Luho for panoramic views or tee-off from the Graham Marsh-designed, 18-hole, par 72 golf course.

Spas are also a notable part of Boracay. The Mandala Spa and Villas is one of the renowned spa resorts found in the island, having been awarded as the most outstanding honeymoon destination, and the best spa destination in the region. For a standard three days and two nights, luxurious facilities and amenities are available for couples to enjoy time together, and the expert massage treatments by the professional masseuse only enhances the romantic atmosphere. Enjoy a dinner for two at the Mandala’s Prana restaurant with its luscious vegetarian meals, delicious desserts, and high quality wine. Daily yoga classes and Zen massages are even readily available.

Activities During Your Romantic Boracay Honeymoon
Fisheye Dive Safari, Boracay: Fisheye is one of only two places in Boracay that offer this kind of adventure cruise. Aboard the Marcelina, a 20-meter banca (native wooden boat), equipped with satellite navigation, cellular phone, bunk beds, kitchen, and first aid and oxygen equipment, you can go off for a day, or up to six days, exploring different dive sites around Boracay and other outlying islands.

Wind surfing and kite surfing: Bulabog Beach offers excellent conditions for both these sports during the dry season between November and March, when onshore winds range between 18 and 30 knots, with the best conditions between December and February.

Boracay, Philippines
Romantic Getaways
Live Coral Beds: Boracay is ringed by a coral reef where many species of tropical marine life thrive. At the Live Coral Beds, situated past the rocks at the southernmost tip of White Beach, coral of diverse shapes, sizes and colors may be observed, affording a fascinating view of the Philippines' rich diversity of marine life. The coral shelf rises above water level at low tide, offering visitors plenty of photo opportunities. If you do visit, please refrain from the disturbing the fragile ecosystem of this natural haven. Do not attempt to take home a coral or leave litter, especially non-biodegradables, behind.

Scuba diving: Boracay offers more than 24 offshore dive sites suitable for all levels of ability and enthusiasm. The most popular day dives include Yapak, which offers deep walls, a variety of coral and marine life including schools of batfish, wahoo, tuna, barracuda, eagle rays, white-tip and gray reef sharks.

Favorite Hotels In Boracay
Alta Vista de Boracay
Boracay, Philippines
Romantic Honeymoon
Total Rooms: 21
Year Built: 2009
Check-In Time: 2 PM
Check-Out Time: 12 AM
Hotel Type: Business, All Suite, Apt/condo, Hotel, Resort
Number of Bars: 1
Reveiw: Great building and rooms but management really needs to work out who its target market is and actually cater for them. If you are targeting "get away from it all" people to hang around hotel - they need good all day food, gym, facilites etc which are not present at this hotel.

Hannah Hotel, Boracay
Total Rooms: 50
Check-In Time: 2 PM
Check-Out Time: 12 AM
Hotel Type: Business, Hotel
Number of Bars: 1
Number of Restaurants: 1
Reveiw: If you stay here, your going to experience true Philippine hospitality. its also a minute walk from the beach- which is better than staying beach front because station one beach front is surrounded by loud clubs. Also, Hannahs streets sells fruit stands and desserts that is cheaper than the one in the beach. So before heading to the beach, grab your favorite refreshing drinks.

A try out on the Boracay authentic cuisine is also something that is advisable on a trip. Access wise, the island can be approached via sea or air. Flights from the capital city of Manila to the nearest Caticllan airport, even makes daily flights to Boracay. The less expensive alternative is to catch a boat that runs shuttle service between North harbor in Manila and Panay Island.

1. For a great honeymoon experience, choose a hotel where you can avoid party noises but accessible to shopping centers.

2. Scout for a perfect Boracay honeymoon destination well ahead of your wedding date.

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Romantic Getaways: Boracay Honeymoon: The Most Beautiful Island In Philippines

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