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Trinidad and Tobago Honeymoon: Two Islands of Lesser Antilles (islands, West Indies)

Trinidad and Tobago Honeymoon - Located in the southern Caribbean, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is an island nation. The area of Trinidad and Tobago is 5128 square kilometers. Trinidad and Tobago is located at the south - east end of Lesser Antilles (islands, West Indies) and lies across the sea from Venezuela. The country consists of two major island - Trinidad and Tobago as well as 21 other smaller islands. Most of the population are concentrated in Trinidad.

The beautiful Port-of-Spain, the capital of Trinidad, is a famous tourist and honeymoon destination. The Gothic Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Muslim mosque, India Church and Jewish temples and Queen's Park are distributed in the city. Malaga Bay, located north of the city, has fine clean sand and is a famous beach in Central America.

Trinidad and Tobago Honeymoon - Right to the northeastern limits of Venezuela we find an island nation that is formed by two islands and which name sounds always at least distinctive. We are talking about Trinidad and Tobago, a place where all of your dreams can easily come true.

Belonging to the group of islands known as the Lesser Antilles, Trinidad and Tobago is a magical place where paradisiacal landscapes and romantic sunsets are the main protagonists. The capital city, Port of Spain, is located in Trinidad Island and it is
Trinidad and Tobago
Romantic Getaways
 one of the most interesting capitals in the whole Lesser Antilles region.  It has gorgeous beaches to enjoy, plus a vibrant nightlife and entertaining activities such as aquatic sports, a zoo and botanical gardens that have to do mainly with its dynamic tourism.

Away from the impressive beaches, Tobago offers hiking trails alongside rivers and through lush forest, coconut and banana plantations filled with rare and exotic tropical birds. Take a guided tour through the Tobago Main Ridge Rainforest, the oldest protected preserve in the western hemisphere. Or hire a boat and cross to Little Tobago Island where you can stroll marked hilly trails though a bird sanctuary.

For a romantic getaway, bring your bathing suits to the Lure Estate Waterfalls or The Argyle Waterfall. There, with the rainforest as your backdrop and a bamboo canopy, you might be tempted to take an enchanting tropical dip in the breathtaking waterfalls.

Trinidad and Tobago
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At Buccoo Reef, just off Pigeon Point, snorkel and scuba dive coral gardens teeming with tropical fish or dive the underwater canyons and cliffs around St Giles Island on the north-eastern tip of Tobago.

Visit Tobago any time from mid-July to early August to witness the lively Tobago Heritage Festival, which celebrates traditions brought by slaves from Africa. Almost every town and village put on a show, most of which are entirely different.

In Port-of-Spain, stroll the flagstone walkways around Independence Square, home to a tree-lined park, duty free shops and the impressive neo-Gothic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, built using blue limestone in 1815 on what was then the seafront. Then stroll amid colourful market stalls overflowing with tropical fruit and spices at the nearby Central Market.

Trinidad and Tobago Honeymoon Hints:

Trinidad and Tobago
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Telephone: Be careful. Most hotels levy a high surcharge for international calls. If you plan to take your cell phone, your cell company has to have a roaming agreement with Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago

Tips And Taxes: Most hotels add a 10% surcharge to your bill. Most restaurants include a 10% service charge. Cab drivers expect small tips of about 10%. 

Best Weather: Like many islands in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago have a dry and rainy season -- the dry season lasts from January to May and the rainy season runs from June through December. Temperatures during the day are warm, but not unbearable, and it is pleasantly cool in the evenings.

Internet: If your hotel doesn't have this service, bring your computer to an internet cafe such as J-Puter Tech in Scarborough or the Original House of Pancakes (Pancakes are extra) in Crown Point

Trinidad and Tobago
Romantic Honeymoon
Best Prices: Early September through mid-December; exact rates vary by hotel.

Rental Cars: Rent a four wheel drive if you plan to explore as taxis can be expensive. Driving is on the left, British style. Highways are smooth but coastal and interior roads can be rough. There are few gas stations so fill up in Crown Point or in Scarborough before you take off. 

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Romantic Getaways: Trinidad and Tobago Honeymoon: Two Islands of Lesser Antilles (islands, West Indies)

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