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Lanai Honeymoon: Hawaii's most secluded island

Lanai Honeymoon - Lanai, as one of the Hawaii island of U.S. State, on the Strait of Auau opposite Maui Island. The island is composed of the Pala Wye volcano (1,027 m [3,370 ft]). It covers an area of ​​363 square kilometers (140 square miles). Lanai is the largest privately owned island among Hawaiian Islands. Located in western coastal area, Lana'i and Kaumalapau are the two main cities in Lanai.

Lanai Honeymoon - Honeymoon itself is a romantic affair and it gets even more romantic when you choose a location such as the Hawaiian island of Lanai. The tropical paradises with verdant nature and turquoise waters create perfect settings for a romantic honeymoon. Other Hawaiian islands like Maui, Waikiki, Kauai, Oahu, and Molokai in Hawaii are also popular with the young couples as honeymoon destination. Blue waves thrashing the white sandy beaches lined with saying palms under bright sun create an atmosphere that appeal to your senses.

Lanai Island
Romantic Getaways
LanaiHawaii's most secluded island – offers honeymoon couples and romantic twosomes a choice of stunning golden-sand beaches renowned for their scenic beauty and crystal clear waters, which boast some of the best snorkelling in the Hawaiin islands.

It’s no wonder why Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men, shared his vows here at the resort at Manele Bay on a dramatic bluff overlooking Hulopoe Bay. Whether it’s with the deep blue of the Pacific as your backdrop or in the shade of majestic Cook pine trees, Lanai provides a more personal alternative to other destination wedding venues, making the day you’ve always dreamed of even more special.

The blossoming nature of the island of Lanai and its lush settings offer the ideal the perfect setting for honeymoon relaxation and romance. The newly weds have various options for their honeymoon accommodations including the opulent Manele Bay Hotel, a world-class resort located near one of the island's best beaches; the English model, Lodge at Koele, an upscale country manor; and the warm and cozy Hotel Lanai.

Lana'i City - The only town on Lanai, was built in the 1920's by Dole Pineapple as the focal point of the industry. The plantation style architecture has only gained character over the years.

Lanai Island
Romantic Honeymoon
Manele Bay - Manele Bay is the rockier twin bay to Hulope, but with its twin it is part of a Marine Life Conservation District and a preferred habitat to Hawaiian Spinner dolphins.

Keahiakawelo - Hike into Keahikawelo, also known as the ‘Garden of the Gods’. Don’t expect lush green tropical forest here. It is instead a unique area of buttes, peaks, canyons, rocks and boulders formed by centuries of erosion. Some appear sculptured while others sit atop locations and seem ready to just drop off and roll away at any moment.

Best time to visit is during the late afternoon and at dusk when the setting sun casts a warm orange glow on the rock sculptures illuminating them in brilliant reds and purples.

Shipwreck Beach - Shipwreck Beach has had many craft abandoned on the reef, some of which were wrecked and others towed there post World War II. The most obvious wreck is the rusting hull of a WWII Liberty Ship sitting on the shallow reef almost completely out of the water.

Lanai’s other great beaches are best seen as part of a hiking adventure: with no lifeguards and strong rips in winter they are often best enjoyed for their scenic beauty.

Lanai Island
Romantic Getaways
These beaches include Polihua Beach on the North Shore, a wide white-sand beach with stunning views of Molokai; Sharks Bay Beach, just east of Hulopoe Beach, with a red lava cliff face and beautiful sandy beach perfect for a picnic or sunbathing; and Huawai Beach, good for snorkelling.

Hawaiian Islands have always been a popular destination for weddings and honeymoon. Honeymoon in the islands of Lanai, MauiKauai and Oahu are dream of young couples in America. That is why hotels and resorts in Lanai and other islands in Hawaii offer special packages for weddings and honeymoon.

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Romantic Getaways: Lanai Honeymoon: Hawaii's most secluded island

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