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Seville, Spain Honeymoon: An Ideal Honeymoon Destination In Spain - Seville

Seville Honeymoon: Located in southwestern Spain, Seville is the capital of Andalusia autonomous region that lasts for 2000 years. Since Melon Scientology Virgin River flows through Seville into the Atlantic Ocean, Seville harbour was the important trading center between Spain and American continent. And now, it is still one of the most important river port in Iberian Peninsula. This beautiful natural scenery and developed tourism industry attract thousands of visitors and honeymooners annually. Seville is also famous for its world-unique national characteristics. There are nice gypsy music, passionate flamenco dance and grand folk festivals. No doubt, Seville is certainly one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Spain. The couples will have a wonderful and memorable honeymoon in Seville.

Seville Honeymoon: Regarded by many as the AndalucĂ­an capital and a leading honeymoon destination, Seville's charm continues to cast a spell today as it did thousands of years ago when the first Phoenician set foot on this land. Famous for bullfighting, spectacular flamenco, a strong cultural identity and fabulous architectural treasures, it is no wonder why the locals once believed that Seville was the capital of the world during Spain's Golden Age when wealth from the New World was transported here. Wandering through the narrow-winding streets while taking in the picturesque scenery,
Seville, Spain
Romantic Getaways
 it almost seems as if you are taking part in an immaculate setting of a romantic fairy-tale. Seville is a pleasant, sun-washed city in the south of Spain whose relentless beauty and energy will captivate you like no other.

Seville has very lovely places, where you can spend your whole day with your spouse. The visit to the cathedral in the city is also interesting. The old historical Cathedral is really beautiful like any other monument and it is full with jewelry, paintings and sculptures. The portraits here are very attractive. You can spend time in this calm and lavishing cathedral with you dear partner. Take your better half on the highest spot of the city. It is the tower called La Giralda. From this tower, you can have a magnificent view of the city of Sevilla.

Sevilla Weather
Seville, Spain
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The spring and fall seasons offer the best climate in all of Spain! Days are warm and sunny with occasional rainfall. Summertime brings very hot sun from June through September with virtually no rain. Average daily temperatures can reach a high of 40oC in July and August! Winter brings cooler yet mild temperatures, with mixtures of sunny and clear days with overcast days.

Shopping in Seville
There are busy streets full of craft makers, sellers and buyers of these crafts. Seville is famous for lace, embroideries, Manila shawls, etc. Shopping in Seville might be an interesting thing also because of the fact that it has gradually emerged as an eminent fashion center in Spain. Here both the tradition of shopping center as well as that of open air shopping is famous.

Hotels in Sevilla
The hotels in Sevilla provide superb service for honeymoon couples. The romantic luxurious Hotels in Sevilla are:
1. Hotel Hacienda La Boticaria
2. Hacienda Benazuza El Bulli Hotel
3. Casa Romana Boutique Hotel
4. Petit Palace Santa Cruz
5. Hotel Alcoda del Rey de Sevilla

Sevilla Attractions
Seville, Spain
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Seville, Spain is full of many fantastic tourist attractions, but within a short journey from Seville city centre there are countless other superb attractions and places well worth a visit. Whether you are looking for historical Seville landmarks and buildings or beautifully landscaped gardens in Seville, you can be sure that you won't have far to travel.

Seville's Nightlife
Seville nightlife is enjoyable because of the get together of people around Santa Cruz and plaza San Salvador. El Centro, Plaza de La Alfalfa, Calle marques de Paradas, etc are famous for the nightlife activities.

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Seville, Spain Honeymoon: An Ideal Honeymoon Destination In Spain - Seville 

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