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New Caledonia Honeymoon: Varied Activities In New Caledonia

Go to New Caledonia to have your romantic honeymoon! The reason is simple. Because New Caledonia is the last country to be discovered . As it is located in the South Pacific where the ocean meets the sky, New Caledonia is called "the nearest place to heaven." That's the reason why New Caledonia can entice thousands of honeymooners come here to spend and enjoy their sweetest time of the whole life together!

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Diving - A multitude of sites and species
Shellfish lovers will be amazed at the various kinds of marine molluscs, colourful trumpet conch and the marvelous porcelain Cyprae Niger as well. Marine life swim through the colorful coral,  caves lined with bryozoans and sea fans, sponges in unexpected forms, fluorescent corals in corollas, balls or bushes, urchin tiaras, starfish, crinoids ...
New Caledonia
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The Reef Aboré in the Dumbéa pass, Casy Islet in the Bay of Prony, Epave de la Joliette (the Wreck of Joliette) in Thio, the Rift of Bayes
 in Poindimié or jardin d’Eden (the Garden of Eden) in the Ile des Pins ... A hundred heavenly sites are spread across the archipelago. The places to explore are inexhaustible and the fauna is outstanding: parrots, blue grouper, grouper, eagle rays, reef sharks, lobsters and their local cousins, the "popinée", as well as turtles and dugongs (sea cows).

Sea fishing
Out at sea or lulled by the trade winds in the lagoon, fishing is both a lifestyle and a hobby that the locals are sharing willingly with the visitors. The variety of species, sites and techniques make it one of the finest fishing destinations in the world. The novices will find here the perfect place for a first time fishing. On the reef’s walls and passes, those fishing for popper and for jig can challenge the "GT" monsters, the dogtooth tuna, wahoo, jobfish, red carp, grouper, tazars, yellowfin tuna, and sailfish.

Outside the reef, the offshore trolling (fishing) promises the enthusiasts a multitude of miraculous fish: marlin, mahi-mahi, rainbow runners ... In addition, this is also an ideal place for fly fishing for large pelagic fish abounding in New Caledonian waters: skip jack, queen fish, mékoua, tazar, tuna ...
New Caledonia
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New Caledonia, and particularly the region of Poum in the Northern part of Grande Terre, is also known as a paradise for bonefish fishing. Catches of 5 kilograms are not uncommon. Melanesian fishers even mention record captures of fishes longer than 1 meter and weighing around 10 kilograms using either the fishing line or the net!

It is also common to find on these great flats in the far north of New Caledonia different varieties of trevally including the famous giant trevally "caranx ignobilis" locally called "baoum”, the delight of the anglers.

Blue Hikes
New Caledonia is also, and mainly, the largest lagoon in the world with its immense coral reef. It is a jewel in thousand nuances of blue, listed in the World Heritage by UNESCO in 2008, and whose stunning beauty is accessible to all, equipped only with fins, mask, and snorkel.

A surface trip, sometimes only a few meters from the beach, will reveal to you the depths of a forgotten world of the marine life, soothing and offering a delightful mix of shapes and countless colours. Snorkeling allows you to approach the turtles, rays and dugongs ...

New Caledonia
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And for those who have an adventurous spirit, a sea kayaking trip on the C?te Oubliée (Forgotten Coast) will leave you with unforgettable memories: 4 days on the East Coast of New Caledonia to paddle along a virtually virgin land accessible only by sea

Sailing - Varied Formulas
All forms of navigation are possible. You will find professionals and facilities to suit your every mood: yacht charter, with or without a skipper, with or without a host/hostess, cruises à la carte lasting several days, trips on the Great Southern Seas following the whale route, or even water taxis to the islands closest to Noumea ... Choose!

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Romantic Getaways: New Caledonia Honeymoon: Varied Activities In New Caledonia

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