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Morocco Honeymoon: An Exotic Honeymoon In North Africa

Morocco Honeymoon: Morocco, a small country in North Africa, is located in northwest Africa and the Sahara and adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco has not only the characteristics of African and Arab, but also with the French colonial. Casablanca, Morocco has been hailed as the world's top ten most romantic wedding honeymoon destinations. It is also the backdrop of the movie "Casablanca". Morocco is really a very perfect place for honeymoon vacation, which is full of exotic.

Morocco is a cold country with a hot sun and boasts 300+ days of sunshine each year. This guarantees a Romantic Morocco Honeymoon with perfect weather. Morocco is one of the most fascinating and romantic destinations in the world. Just 7 ½ hours from New York City, Morocco offers honeymooners and newlyweds the advantage of a reasonable Morocco Travel journey and a quick arrival to your destination city within Morocco.

The climate of Morocco is Mediterranean, which becomes more extreme towards the interior regions where it is mountainous. Many
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 honeymooners like hiking in Morocco. The terrain is such that the coastal plains are rich and accordingly, they comprise the backbone for agriculture. Forests cover about 12% of the land while arable land accounts for 18%. 5% is irrigated. Truly a beautiful honeymoon landscape!

The Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Morocco For a Romantic Honeymoon are:
1. Morocco guarantees great weather, beautiful sunrises and starlit sunsets
2. Morocco has some of the world best cuisine and Moroccan dining can be done at some of the most elegant restaurants that include live entertainment
3. Morocco is only 7 ½ hours from New York City and offers Morocco Luxury first class flight accommodations
4. Morocco has some of the worlds’ finest Moroccan Hotels
5. Morocco is a place you can easily get lost allowing for a Morocco Honeymoon Dream Vacation and experience

A romantic honeymoon to Morocco would not be complete without a visit to Marrakesh. Historical roots in this city date back all the way to the 16th century.  A highlighted point of interest here is the Bahia Palace. Here romantic honeymooners will get lost in the spectacular tile creations adorning the walls mixed with beautiful botanical gardens that blanket the property.

Activities In Morocco
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Bird watching – With more than 480 species of bird life recorded, Morocco offers year-round bird watching opportunities, with March to May considered the optimum season. Look out for lesser kestrels, black kites, Egyptian vultures, short-toed eagles, ospreys, African march owls and Moussier's redstart.

Riding - There are horse riding clubs in all major towns, notably Agadir, Casablanca, Fès, Marrakech and Rabat. Several clubs organize pony treks in the Middle Atlas. The combination of traveling by mule and skiing (known as mule-skiing) is characteristic to the High Atlas and can be carried out from February to April. A useful brochure, The Great Trek through the Moroccan Atlas, is available from the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism or the Moroccan National Tourist Office. Camel riding (méharrées) is also available, both in the Atlas mountains and around the Sahara Desert area in the southwest.

Surfing – Catch an Atlantic wave year round from Mehdiya Plage (north of Rabat) to Sidi Ifni (south of Agadir). Check out El Jadida and Safi for excellent right-handers, as well as between Essaouira and Agadir, and at Anchor Point, just north of Taghazout. The best surf beaches are often best accessed by hire car.

Nightlife - Morocco offers a variety of diversions nightly, including bars, discos and restaurants, often with live music or belly dancing as part of the evening's entertainment. The party usually gets started around midnight, when dining tables are shoved out of the way to accommodate serious hip-shaking, and the fashionable make their entrance in nightclubs.

Desert trekking – From astride a camel, explore vast islands of sand dunes, known locally as ergs. The largest and most easily accessible are Erg Chebbi, at Merzouga, and Erg Chigaga, south of M'hamid. Choose from overnight to multi-day trips on camel or by four-wheel drive.

Best Beaches In Morocco
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Tangier Town Beach – This is located where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean in northern Morocco. It is a beautiful beach surrounded by mountains and the white washed houses of Tangier. Much as it’s not very clean, it is still very popular.

Agadir Beach - Unwind on the fine golden sand of this broad beach that shelves into the sheltered waters of Agadir Bay. The beach is overlooked at the northern end by a shady palm-lined boulevard lined with cafés, bars and restaurants. Facilities include several roped-off private sections offering umbrellas and sun loungers for hire and waiter service for cold drinks.

Grottes d’Hercules- This beach located on the Atlantic Coast of Tangier at Grottes d’Hercules is generally clean and pleasurable. It is most busy during the holiday months of July and August. Its major drawback is that its water is distinctly colder than the Mediterranean beaches of Tangier.

Morocco is that perfect place for newlyweds to start a lifetime of love and other couples to rekindle the flame that started their journey of love. The sights and sounds of the region delight the senses and capture the heart. Each couple is sure to leave with a rejuvenated spirit both in life and in love after having spent a romantic honeymoon in Morocco.

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Romantic Getaways: Morocco Honeymoon: An Exotic Honeymoon In North Africa

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