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Corfu, Greece Honeymoon: Sissi's Beloved Island

Located in the westernmost of the Greece, Corfu is the second largest island in Ionian Sea. During the day, you can see white cruises leisurely going into the blue sea; During the night, you can overlooking the dark rolling hills which is Albania from your room. The honeymoon in Corfu would be closely linked with three names: one is Homer's hero Odysseus, another is pretty and innocent Sissi played by Romy Schneider, the third one is the handsome singer, Sakis Rouvas. As he is born in Corfu, The streets are plastered with posters of Sakis Rouvas.

Maybe you are planning your romantic honeymoon in Greece. There are many perfect honeymoon destinations in Greece such as SantoriniMykonos. And now, I will recommend you another beautiful island in Greece -  Corfu. The island has thick vegetation. You can find olive groves, pine, fir trees, fig trees, citrus groves and vineyards everywhere. Also, there are many beautiful beaches along the coastline.

Corfu is more elegant and worldly than its Ionian cousins, thanks to wealthy Venetian merchants who left their legacy in the pastel houses and
refined squares of Corfu Town. Corfu, the paradise island of the Ionian Sea, the place where Jason and Medea were married, the island of the Odyssey, is an ideal place for an unforgettable honeymoon in Greece.

The island’s natural beauty has been lauded through the ages: Homer called it a ‘beautiful and rich land’; Odysseus stopped off here on his journey home to Ithaki; Shakespeare used the island as background for The Tempest; and various writers have sung its praises in the 20th century, including Gerald Durrell in his 1978 memoir The Garden of the Gods.

Corfu has so much to offer each visitor, and it is truly an ideal honeymoon destination. Just the sheer natural beauty of the island alone is enough to keep your attention focused. But, if you are considering other islands, with their different sights, sounds and tastes, then consider a two or three center holiday.

Best time to visit Corfu
For dry and hot days averaging 28°C, time your honeymoon holiday during summer – from late June to early September. The mountainous areas are generally cooler.

Beautiful Beaches In Corfu
Paleokastritsa Corfu:
Palaiokastritsa is the name of the most famous picturesque village of the island of Corfu, 26 kilometres northwest of Corfu Town.The hotels and bars of Palaiokastritsa give access to some pleasant bays. As you continue along the descending road you reach the largeish harbour which has a number of restaurants nearby offering great views at day and night. As the road reaches and end you can see a large tree filled rock above it which contains the Theotokou Monastery.

The main beach of Palaiokastritsa is quite small and very popular. It is surrounded by bars and hotels and there is a road behind it so is not quiet. But the views of the cove are great. You can get a boat here which takes you around the many caves in the area.

Agios Gordios Corfu:
The beach of Agios Gordios or Aghios Gordios is one of the most popular beaches in Corfu; the sandy beach is surrounded by impressive and magnanimous rocky formations. Sun beds, umbrellas and water sport facilities are offered in Agios Gordios which gets very crowded during high season because of its proximity to the popular Pink Palace Hotel which attracts every year, many American and Canadian students.

Glyfada Corfu:
One of the most popular beaches of the island, Glyfada is located 16 kilometres west of Corfu Town. The large surface of fine sand is surrounded by trees-covered cliffs and imposing rocky formations which are dropping into the crystalline waters. Sun beds, umbrellas, water sports facilities, various accommodation, shops and taverns are available in Glyfada Beach.

Corfu Attractions
Corfu Town
Explore a maze of narrow cobbled alleyways in the heart of Corfu’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town. Discover the Old Port and the imposing Byzantine- and Venetian-era fortresses of Paleo Frourio and Neo Frourio, where can ponder the past in gloomy dungeons and wander ancient battlements for views over the town and bay. The town also has beautiful neighbourhoods such as the Kanoni area where are located the ruins of the Ancient city or the beautiful area of Mandouki.

Because of all those treasures and marvels, Corfu Town is considered to be one of the most elegant and wonderful towns of Greece, having innumerable sights and charms to offer to the visitors.

This medieval castle sits atop a pinnacle perched 300m above sea level overlooking Paleokastritsa Beach. The castle is accessible by hiking uphill from the beach or by car via a narrow winding ascent – famous for its sharp turns and sheer drops –followed by a 200m walk.

Monastery of Vlaherna
Visit the picture-perfect Monastery of Vlaherna, which stands at the end of a narrow causeway in a turquoise bay just south of the town centre. From here, take a short boat trip to the tiny island of Pondikonissi, with its 13th century church set among soaring cypress trees and the focus of an annual pilgrimage on 6 August.

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Romantic Getaways: Corfu, Greece Honeymoon: Sissi's Beloved Island

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