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Romantic Naama Bay Honeymoon: The Centre Of Modern Sharm el-Sheik

Naama Bay is the central resort of the famous Sharm el Sheikh region at the tip of the Sinai peninsula. Best known for a beautiful pedestrian promenade along the beachfront, Na'ama Bay Egypt is home to many restaurants, shops, hotels, and centers to arrange scuba diving. Just six miles from Sharm el Sheikh airport, this destination is easily accessible during any Egypt vacation.

Na'ama Bay is the centre of modern Sharm el-Sheik, with a beachfront promenade lined with numerous hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. And finally, the recently developed, large, all-inclusive resort enclave of Nabq (pronounced na-bik) lies around 26km north of the Old Town.

The beaches along Na'ama Bay are accessed by a boardwalk or by walking along the beach, while those further north are often enclosed as part of a large resort compound. Many of the well-groomed beaches are artfully decorated with palm trees, shrubs and thatched parasols. The tropical
Na'ama Bay
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 fish and coral reefs offer endless entertainment to diving enthusiasts. The nearby Ras Mohammed Marine Park offers an alternative for scuba diving as well. Many visitors choose to hire a boat for dives, and local experts can show you sites of shipwrecks and spots known for having a variety of fish and other sea life.

Sunbathe on the soft golden sands, go swimming in the clear, warm waters and snorkel above offshore coral gardens that teem with rainbow-hued fish just a short walk or boat ride north of Na'ama Bay.

Na'ama Bay
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Beach getaways in Naama Bay can also be combined with ancient Egypt sightseeing and romantic Nile River cruises. All hotels will offer exotic desert safaris, thrilling boat trips and romantic Bedouin feasts. Naama Bay also offers tremendous opportunities for golf. Warm winter sunshine means cheap deals are available throughout the year.

Brilliant Nightlife - Romantic Naama Bay Honeymoon
While at your hotel in Naama Bay, you'll often find excellent nightlife, where bars and restaurants feature local music and dancing, though there are many more dive centers than bars in Naama Bay. At night, downtown Naama Bay is a buzz of activity, with tourists crowding into row upon row of restaurants and bars. The Camel Bar is a favourite with the Brits, and its rooftop turns into a lively club at the weekend. The Alf Leila Wa Leila, located a few kilometres from Naama Bay, holds the best shows in Sharm, despite the fact that its prized performer is a male belly dancer named Tito. For late night partying, head to the Hard Rock Café.

Na'ama Bay
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The hustle and bustle of Naama Bay's brilliant nightlife can be enjoyed there, whether it be a couple of beers in English bar The Tavern or a wild night at Pacha. The night-life hub of Naama Bay is 20 minutes and 30p away by local bus. It has a bewildering choice of restaurants, bars, casinos, clubs and shops. A short ride further is Old Sharm, known as the Old Market, which has superb fish restaurants such as Fares and is a good place for skilled hagglers to pick up bargains.

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Romantic Naama Bay Honeymoon: The Centre Of Modern Sharm el-Sheik
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