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Montreal Honeymoon: The Second Most Romantic City In Canada

The city of Montreal is the capital of the famous Canadian state of Quebec. It is the second most important city in the country after Toronto and with its French-speaking population, it is without a doubt one of the most interesting and peculiar cities in Canada. Thanks to its high standards of quality life, Montreal is often chosen as one of the best cities in the world to live in and this also shows off through the amazing number of touristic and recreational opportunities available to enjoy.

Montreal, Canada began life as a shipping port but it has grown up into a cosmopolitan city that is easy to live in and intriguing to explore. The majority of the city’s population is French speaking and the influence of French culture, American life and the First Nations of Canada are in everyday life. In name and in cuisine MontrĂ©al gives a strong nod to its French origins. This city of neighborhoods rests along the coastline of the eastern Canadian province of Quebec.

Romantic Getaways

Romantic Places in Montreal:
While on a Montreal honeymoon, a visit to some of the places is a must to re-ignite the passion of love. The romantic attractions of the city are:

1. Old Montreal - Explore the rustic Charm of the European culture with a visit to Old Montreal. Discover the romanticism of this part of the city with your beloved as you take the pathway of love. Take a stroll down the boulevard St-Laurent to steal a glimpse of the remnants of the cultural communities of Montreal. It surely feels good to walk on the pathway of love like starry -eyed lovers.

2. Botanical Gardens and the Floral Park - An ideal romantic getaway, the botanical garden of Montreal is surely charming. The second largest botanical garden of the world, the garden of Montreal perfectly sets the stage of budding love. It is a perfect place to strengthen the bond of relationship and renew the tie of love. Celebrate the bliss of marriage against the spectacular natural setting of the garden that is a perfect getaway of romance.

3. Mount Royal - A top romantic destination, the spectacular view of nature atop the mountain beautifully laces the newly-weds in romance. Once on the top of the mountain, you will surely feel like being in heaven with the panoramic view of the city and the serene St. Lawrence River. You can take stroll in any of the parks or rest in any of the excellent belvederes and chalets.

4. Underground City: Plan a visit to the underground city that stores in lot of entertainment for you. Mouth-watering restaurants, theatres, and shopping stores fill this part of the city. A bustling region, the underground city combines romance with entertainment.

Winter Montreal vacations
Winer Vacations
Winter gives you the option of exploring the outdoors around Montreal, Canada with cross country skiing and snow shoeing. Summer warmth coaxes the blooms out of gardens all over the city and encourages visitors to take walking tours or ride in horse drawn carts to view the wide range of architecture that is the hallmark of this European city. The old world charm of Montréal is hard to resist. The history of the city folds together seamlessly with the new and interesting worlds of fashion, art and food. The vibrancy of a sea port carries over into a modern day culture center.

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Romantic Getaways: Montreal Honeymoon: The Second Most Romantic City In Canada


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