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Cuba Honeymoon: One Of The Largest Islands Of Caribbean

Cuba is a sunny, colorful kingdom with rich floral. Here you can fully enjoy the marvelous scenery of the Caribbean and experience the hospitality of local residents who you'd like to share your happiness together with. Capture all of the beautiful things in Cuba with your own eyes. The charm of nature and culture here will let you fall in the mysterious legend of the beautiful country. The couples will certainly have a special and romantic honeymoon in Cuba.

Well if you want to make your honeymoon memorable and romantic, then opt for Cuba. It is one of the largest islands of Caribbean and is known for its friendly atmosphere and great charm. The romantic atmosphere of Cuba is elevated with its passionate dance and music. It is also immensely popular for tropical nights and rum cocktails. If you are looking for some privacy, then go for those stunning beaches. Cuba has all the ingredients of a perfect honeymoon package. The historical monuments of Cuba are simply breathtaking. If you are a little adventurous then you may go for water sports in Cuba, such as scuba diving.

A Cuba honeymoon provides many sights and activities for newlyweds to see, to do and to participate in, and these include beautiful beaches and interesting sightseeing experiences. This island of Cuba has activities for those who want it simple or probably the more exotic thrills for those who would want extreme adventures. Reading this article would give couples the few novel ideas for a remarkable unforgettable honeymoon.

>>Ten Romantic Activities And Attractions In Cuba

Havana - Havana wears her history with pride. The city that was once home to Ernest Hemmingway is now on UNESCO's World Heritage List, and the ideal honeymoon destination for old-fashioned romantics. As you wander the streets you feel like you’ve stepped into a Hollywood film set, with crumbling colonial buildings being restored to their former glory, and hotels like the exquisite Nacional - still patronised by Hollywood stars today. In the evening, you can take a romantic stroll along the Malec√≥n, before dining at one of the city’s chic little restaurants.

Cayo Coco - An amazing natural paradise with endless whitest sand, deserted beaches, caressed by the greenish blue waters of the tropical sea and surrounded by the second biggest coral reef - all the ingredients available to make your honeymoon a memorable experience.

Santiago - Another interesting tourist spot is Santiago. While enjoying your Cuba honeymoon you must also visit this city. The attractions are the stadiums, the theaters, cathedrals, museums and castles. These places have their own individual charm. The place also saw the Spanish-American War. So it has the old world charm.

20km away from Havana lay the resorts and beaches of the Playas del Este. A honeymoon package at Varadero combines laid-back beach luxury with the chance to visit some cultural sites. There are several cavern complexes, some with ancient tribal paintings on the walls, to give you respite from the heat. Back in the sunshine you can laze on the beach, soak up a relaxing massage in the spa, or swim in turquoise blue waters to view the darting fishes of the reefs.

After dark, head to the Tropicana in Havana for the country’s longest running and best cabaret show, complete with graceful dancers and exuberant costumes. For great jazz, visit La Zorra y El Cuervo or enjoy sultry boleros at El Gato Tuerto.

Cuba offers an amazing selection of accommodation options. In Havana, try the elegant Hotel Saratoga, which overlooks the bustling streets of Old Havana, or stay at the boutique Hotel Victoria, located at the Plaza de la Revolution.

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