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Cancun Honeymoon: Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination In Mexico

Located in northeastern Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Cancun used to be a narrow island near the mainland in the Caribbean. It is 21 kilometers in length and only 400 meters in width. Here, you can find the calm sea, warm sunshine, soft and white sand beaches and a large number of legacies of the Ancient Maya surrounded the Caribbean island. After development, the Cancun island has built more than 80 luxury hotels and restaurants, shopping, entertainment. Cancun has become the world-famous seaside holiday resort, so it is no wonder that more than 2 million foreign visitors come here to go on their romantic honeymoon or holiday every year.

Places to Visit In Cancun
If you would like to go sightseeing, take a 45-minute ferry ride to Isla Mujeres which comprises small fishing villages. You may enjoy visiting the ecological water theme park named Garrafon. There is an eco-archaeological theme park located in Cancun. It is known as the Xcaret. It has become a popular tourist attraction simply because it exhibits a wide range of flora and fauna. There is a wild bird breeding aviary, an aquarium and a nursery of sea turtles. Here, you will find the structures and ruins of the ancient Mayans. These will give you an insight into the culture and history
 of the Mayans. At sunset, you will get to enjoy Mexican music, dance and drama performed at the park.

If you want to explore other historical sites, you may visit the Ruinas del Rey where you will find ruins of the Mayan fishing village and temples. The Ruinas del Rey is surrounded by the Hilton Cancun golf course which you may love exploring. You may plan a visit to Tulum which is surrounded by a wall on three sides. Some of the prominent structures in Tulum are the Temple of the Wind and the Castle.

Next, you may visit the ruins of Chichen-Itza, the ancient capital of the Mayan culture. The Pyramid of Kukulkan and the Temple of the Warriors are other sight scenes which you may explore. Make sure you visit the Sacred Well where the Mayans made human sacrifices to gods.

While you spend your honeymoons in Cancun, don’t forget to watch bullfighting. If you would like to go shopping with your spouse, visit the La Isla Shopping Village. It is a small village with an open air mall. The village has a small aquarium which gives you the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

Most romantic spots in Cancun
1. Dive deep into the mystery of the Mayas at the Ruinas Del Rey, a small archaeological site located at the end of the Cancun’s Hotel Zone. The tranquility of the ruins makes them an ideal place for couples to take a stroll.

2. Playa Lancheros on Isla Mujeres is very secluded for a romantic interlude with your lover.

3. An experience as rare as your love’Xcaret, a 250-acre ecological theme park located along the Caribbean coastline, features an underground river for swimming and a Dolphinarium where visitors can swim with tame dolphins.

4. Listen to the soothing sounds of the piano together at one of the many romantic piano bars in Cancun.

5. Dine aboard a luxurious boat as you cruise into the sunset with live music floating through the air.

6. Enjoy the best folkloric ballet shows, featuring lavish costumes and traditional dances, while indulging in a delicious Mexican dinner buffet.

7. Indulge in the delectable menus of the many restaurants along Avenida Tulum.

8. Spend the day with your sweetheart basking in the sun at the popular Playa de los Cocos on Isla Mujeres.

9. Rent a boat and escape for a serene day at sea. Snorkel, swim or fish in the paradisiacal waters that surround Cancun.

10. Shop for the ideal souvenir of your romantic trip to Cancun at the Plaza Caracol. It’s a rewarding treasure hunt.

11. Nothing emits more love and romance than a trip to the spa for some couple’s treatments. Cancun has a host of spas to choose from including: Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa, Le Meridien Cancun.

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Cancun Island: Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination In Mexico

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