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Bikini Atoll Honeymoon: A Great Place For Diving

Bikini Atoll is one of the more isolated islands in Micronesia, lying in the northern part of the Marshall Island archipelago. It was here that the Americans detonated a number of atomic weapons after the end of World War II, utilising redundant American and captured Japanese warships to test their durability against nuclear blasts.

The 888ft aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, 562ft battleship USS Arkansas and 708ft battleship HIJMS Nagato are the largest warships that litter Bikini's sandy lagoon, but there are a host of other wrecks including the submarines Pilotfish and Apogon, the destroyer Lamson, and the Agano-class cruiser Sakawa.

The diving in Bikini is deep, but highly rewarding. Exceptional visibility will often allow you to see from the bow of the Saratoga all the way to her superstructure hundreds of feet along her deck! In her hanger can be found 3 Helldiver
Bikini Atoll
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 dive bombers and an Avenger torpedo bomber; her superstructure and the margins of her flight deck bristle with 38-calibre and Bofors anti-aircraft guns. Lying as she does perfectly upright in 180ft of water she is without a doubt one of the most impressive ship wrecks in the world. By contrast both Arkansas and Nagato, being battleships and therefore, by design, "top heavy", lie inverted, their superstructure smashed into the lagoon floor by their weight. However, their imposing bulk make them exceptional dives!

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Bikini Atoll
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For the aficionado of World War II military paraphernalia, the destroyer Lamson boasts deck mounted torpedo tubes, K-class depth charge racks, 5-inch main guns and 50-calibre machine guns. The submarine Pilotfish is completely intact except for a small section of the conning tower that was destroyed during Baker Blast; she lies upright in 150ft of water, and while the aft escape trunk is the only section that can be penetrated, she is believed to be flooded. Bikini Atoll is adventure diving at its most unsullied - the rewards to be gained from the long and arduous journey to this tiny speck in the Pacific Ocean make it one of the most memorable dive destinations on the planet.

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Romantic Getaways Bikini Atoll Honeymoon: A Great Place For Diving
Bikini Atoll

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