Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amsterdam Honeymoon: Ten Romantic Ideas For Your Amsterdam Honeymoon

Amsterdam - Beautiful garden city, like a shining pearl, randomly scatter romance all around the world and let your thoughts fluttering in the breeze. There is always a sadness filled in the air in a foreign country. Take your lover with you, together to find sweet memory in that romantic city - Amsterdam.

1. Picking up Tulips bulbs to plant when you get back home.

2. Browsing Amsterdam's specialty shops for bizarre souvenirs to take back home.

3. Checking out paintings of sunflowers, cherry blossoms and Arles bedroom at the Van Gogh Museums - take the audio tour to get some background information on this avant-garde artists life.

4. Eating traditional Dutch pancakes.

Romantic Getaways
5. Visiting Rijksmuseums which has the greatest collection of Golden Age paintings in the world.

6. Spending some time of your romantic weekend break at the Kattenkabinet Museum with feline art by famous artists like Picasso's "Le Chat".

7. Getting away from it all at one of Amsterdam's parks - Karthuiserhoje are particularly well secluded gardens that others have forgotten about.

8. Checking out Amsterdam's many shops with romantic accessories targeted at the female audience.

9. Strolling around Amsterdam's Medieval center;

10. Spending the night on a house boat.

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