Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a special honeymoon travel

When other young lovers spent their honeymoon somersaults on the beach and parties in the romantic restaurants in Boston-area couple decided to celebrate lugging bags of cement, painting walls, and treat mentally and physically disabled children in kindergarten Quito, Ecuador.

He was part of a comprehensive volunteer service in the short term, the placement of volunteers in 20 countries around the world. A private nonprofit, nonsectarian development, Global Volunteers was founded in 1984 to help establish the foundation for peace through mutual international understanding.

Programs focus on one, two or three weeks of voluntary work experience in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe or the United States. "Mark and I wanted to start our life together in a spirit of give and share," said Sandra, a teacher and writer, when asked why he chose an unusual honeymoon.

The couple joined a team of 14 volunteers spent two weeks at Camp Hope Christian Foundation, known in English as the hope of the field. They spent time caring for children in the nursery, painting the old nursery building a wheelchair ramp for a new group home, and help staff the center to learn the English.

Mark, a psychologist, used his skills to consult with social workers in Ecuador on the issue of physical abuse of children and sex, how to recognize and how to intervene in situations where there was no moon and occurs.It roses, but it was an experience of a lifetime.

Working side by side with the Ecuadorians, the newlyweds will have a unique, non-tourist perspective on the locals in South America and culture.

"I will become a very sweet side, many young teachers of kindergarten. I fell in love with the children," said Sandra. "When it was time to say goodbye to a nursery, I could not stop crying. At that time, I realized how deeply I was touched by these children."

Marcos was also affected by the experience, writing in the newspaper of the team: "A bright-eyed, smiling children to day care unconditionally, we see why we have traveled thousands of miles, sanding walls, scoop mounds of earth, inhaled fumes paint, crushed stone on stone, and woke at dawn to begin again.

"E 'for these sanctuaries for human life, we always knew what we [volunteer] from all over the United States. We have increased the team in these works, chatting, hugging reminder. A new day-care site reported that the dirt is not too heavy, even though a lot of rain this weekend. And 'lighter, if they see all the major will benefit from their work. "

Mark and Sandra are the first couple to begin married life in use. In fact, the idea of ​​global volunteers, "was developed" during the honeymoon. The founders of the Burnham Philbrook, a former senator from Minnesota, and Michele Gran spent their honeymoon volunteering in Guatemala.

When they returned, Philbrook and Great trip was recorded in a local newspaper in Minneapolis. So many people asked them how they too could serve short stints abroad that the United Philbrook and decided to launch a global volunteers.

The first team arrived in Jamaica in 1984 and still hold serve in the same community today. In addition to health benefits under way, such as dental exams and screening blood pressure, the volunteers who helped build a reservoir for water supply of communities built classroom furniture, playground and bridges to cross local rivers, improving community buildings, and helped harvest the coffee.

Although most service programs, volunteers have weekends and evenings free during the day and used on projects ranging from building classrooms in Ghana to teach business courses in English education in Ukraine in China . No experience is necessary.

Volunteers pay U.S. tax-deductible fee that covers food, lodging, local transport, services, a leading expert and project materials. Transport to and from sites not included in the price of the service program, but tickets are tax deductible. All the free time and spending plans are borne by the volunteers.

Nancy Groves, is the communications coordinator at Global Volunteers.


  1. Interesting choice for a honeymoon. I would even say that it is a little strange, but everyone likes different things. :)

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  2. When I read this I know the best place for my Honeymoon.