Wednesday, July 6, 2011

perfect romantic honeymoon

A perfect honeymoon is perhaps the most important thing to consider when deciding to marry. In preparing for marriage are becoming a pain in the butt, at least make sure that after it's over, relaxation is guaranteed. The "return to nature" trend that dates back to the middle of a desert, where several boutique hotels waiting for you and your partner to celebrate your love.

Chateau Eza, Cote d'Azur

Located in a beautiful place, a rock, 1,300 feet above the Mediterranean Sea, the charming Ch√Ęteau Eza is now open after a restoration process that lasted five years. Built in the 17th century, the hotel remains of the original stone walls, oak beams and fireplaces in every room. Located 15 minutes drive from Nice, the luxury boutique hotel has 10 rooms and 2 suites and a honeymoon destination unique and enjoyable. All rooms offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, the restaurant serves "new kitchen" kitchen and the terrace has a huge hot tub ... in short, everything needed for a wonderful honeymoon. the cost per room from $ 570 (400 euros) per night, while prices start at $ 1,280 Suite (900 euros) per night.

But do not imagine all the things you can do in this hotel is sit, eat and bath, the hotel also offers day trips and fishing trips yachts. Not to mention that is only 10 km from Monaco and 50 km from Cannes, and offers a myriad of entertainment options.

Hotel Villa Ducale, Sicilly, Italy

If you want to combine the spirit of adventure and romance you can spend the honeymoon in Sicily, Italy, where one of the best places are the Hotel Villa Ducale. It offers a spectacular view of Mount Etna, beautiful and famous beaches of Taormina in Sicily Resort, Villa Ducale is best known for the Italian charm, warmth, a private residential area mixed with 5 stars, offered by the owners, Andrea and Rosaria Quartucci .

The hotel has 17 rooms and three luxury suites and the decor is marked by famous designers such as Stark Eamon our more traditional Sicilian silverware, paintings and textiles. And if the hotel are no longer needed for reference, you should know that he was voted the most romantic hotel in 2010 by Conde Nast Traveller. Room prices start at 150 euros and, as entertainment choices, guests can choose one of 50 Euros off-road excursion to Mount Etna, among others.

The edition of Waikiki, Hawaii

The first edition was held in Waikiki last year, in October 2010 and since its opening, the hotel promises an exciting experience for its guests, so worth the long trip across the Pacific. The first hotel in the edition of the series is recommended as a world of unlimited fun and Hawaii combined successfully (Ian Shrager) the holder of the passion for detail of the standards guaranteed by the Marriott chain.


  1. Possibly going to Turks & Caicos for our honeymoon. PLanning on staying at the Regent Palms and wanted to get feedback from someone who has actually stayed at the hotel. To see more info please visit