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Enjoy Your Romantic Alaska Honeymoon With Northern Lights

The newleyweds may have a special and romantic honeymoon in Alaska. Imagine that you are standing on the Alaskan, Canadian or North American lands, you may have the opportunity to see a band of green and white light extending from east to west over the sky. That is what we called Northern Lights.  This type of light can also be seen in the area near the South Pole, called the aurora australis. p.s: Places near the North Pole, Alaska, Northern Canada is the best spot to watch the aurora, and this is why Fairbanks where you can see aurora more than 200 days in a year won the reputation of being the "capital of the Northern Lights".

Early Eskimos and Indians believed different legends about the Northern Lights, such as they were the souls of animals dancing in the sky or the souls of fallen enemies trying to rise again.

Alaska is by far the best place in the USA to see northern lights. Summer tourists won't have much chance of seeing the famous Aurora Borealis.

Fall, winter and spring are the prime seasons for viewing the northern lights, and the best displays tend to be accompanied by sub-zero temperatures and moonless skies.

Alaska - Northern Lights
Romantic Getaways
The "Northern Lights", at their most dazzling from December to March when nights are longest and the sky darkest, can usually be seen even as far south as Juneau. The best hours are often near midnight. The rarest aurora is the red aurora, like the one of February 11, 1958, which is still talked about today.

The Fairbanks area is probably the best place in teh world for aurora viewing. Fairbanks is located right under the Aurora Oval of maximum aurora activity and its generally clear skies make for good Aurora viewing conditions. In Fairbanks, a winter stay of 4+ nights gives over 90% chance of viewing the Aurora, while a 3 night stay offers about an 80% chance. Cleary Summit is an area right outside of town popular for aurora viewing. Chena Hot Springs Resort is another popular location near Fairbanks for aurora viewing.

Alaska - Northern Lights
Romantic Getaways
Chena Hot Springs Resort has a Best of Aurora Winter Package that includes 3 Day 2 Night accommodation, passes for soaking in an outdoor hot springs, dog sled ride, northern lights viewing tour,massages, dining ...

The community of Talkeetna in Southcentral Alaska offers good Aurora viewing opportunities. There are several lodges in Talkeetna offering comfortable stays and good Aurora viewing. There is a magnificent view of Mount McKinley from Talkeetna.

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