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Grand Bahama Island Honeymoon: Perfect Spot For Snorkeling

Grand Bahama Island is a romantic getaway as well a perfect place for snorkeling. Known for its crystal clear water with visibility usually up to about two hundred feet and the unique coast surrounded by a large amount of colorful coral and reef formationsGrand Bahama Island attracts thousands of visitors come to explore the marvelous underwater life and enjoy their romantic honeymoon there. While snorkeling usually takes place in rather shallow waters.

Every day there are many guided reef snorkeling trips departing from Grand Bahama Island. You can easily find local tour agents to help you. The tour price usually includes snorkeling equipment and transportation, while you are always welcomed to take your own snorkeling gear with you. Explore the beautiful underwater world with your swim flippers and snorkeling mask and you will remember the special marine adventure and romantic honeymoon in Grand Bahama Island all your life. Also, you will certainly be amazed at the colorful corals and different kinds of tropical fish that swim through the crystal clear water.
Grand Bahama Island
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While there are numerous snorkeling spots on the island, a few are consistently considered favourites among visitors. Paradise Cove, in Deadman's Reef, is 15 miles from downtown Freeport, and one of the few places on the island where you can actually reef snorkel right off the beach. If you plan to snorkel off the beach, having your own equipment is a big plus.

Grand Bahama Island

Peterson Cay is a tiny island located just one mile off the southern shore of Grand Bahama. It’s one of the smallest national parks in The Bahamas, and can only be reached by boat. Most visitors take a tour to the island or paddle out in rented kayaks. Because of the shallow depths of the sand bars and reefs just west of the island, Peterson Cay National Park is a perfect spot for a snorkeling expedition.
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Grand Bahama Island
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For the ultimate snorkeling adventure, make memories to last a lifetime at the Dolphin Experience, where you can snorkel with dolphins. This adventure will take you to a shallow reef in about 5 meters of water where you will swim and dive underwater with the dolphins in the open ocean.

There are plenty of snorkeling opportunities on Grand Bahama Island. Half the fun is finding them. So pack your towel, swimsuit and a waterproof camera and be prepared for a most memorable snorkeling experience.

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