Saturday, May 14, 2011

Romantic Harbour Island honeymoon - The Pink Sands Beach

No sooner had you arrived in the former capital of Bahamas, Dunmore Town, than you would understand why the Harbour Island is so popular worldwide.

No doubt, Harbour Island is one of the most popular romantic honeymoon getaways around the world. Thousands of couples come here to have their romantic and memorable honeymoon in Harbour Island. Most of them are attracted by the famous Pink Sands Beach.

The Pink Sands Beach
Harbour Island is famous for its pink sands beach, while people all falsely assumed that that's a profusion of pink flowers at first. When people approached it, they would never say that it's the colour of the sands!

Harbour Island
Romantic Honeymoon Place
It is red coral eroded into powder by the sea that the entire beach consists of. As the pink sands beach is made up of organism, it is the most susceptible one of all the beach. Walking along the beach is a very enjoyable thing, and you may encounter large amounts of the Devil Rays coming to say hello to you at any time. Do not be afraid. They are very gentle and you can be assured to lie next to them. The waters here are very safe and very quiet as well, mostly shallow waters.

In addition, Harbour Island is also known by the Briland, while Briland people have an high reputation for their planting and shipbuilding technology.

Harbour Island
Pink Sands Beach
The most famous hotel in Harbour Island is the elegant Pink Sands Hotel pertaining to Island Outpost Group. Besides, the refurbished Coral Sands Hotel and Romora Bay Club are also remarkable.

Harbour Island is a different world and there is no better word to describe it. The island makes me feel as if I have been in a different planet, where even time has been reversed. The best way to go to Harbour Island is to take the "high-speed tourist ship" from Nassau - Paradise Island in the early morning. When you visit Harbour Island, you'll easily understand why the island won the International Award for being one of the best island in Caribbean together with Aruba. No sooner had you stepped into the island than you felt that the time was stopped and everything on the island were all quiescent. The best way to tour the island is to drive a golf cart.

Harbour Island
Romantic getaways
The entire Harbour Island is only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. Many British colonial houses are on the side facing the harbor, paint in soft colors - pink, yellow, light blue, while the other side of the island is the pure pink sands beach which is the longest one in the world. The pink sands beach is made up of countless tiny shells and sands, reflecting faint pink light. At a glance, you are able to see noting but the sound of waves lapping the beach and endless pink sands beach. The scenery is so beautiful that it inclines me to think that I can touch the silence there and experience the romance.

However, the real unique thing about Harbour Island is the people there. It's hard to find a person other than Bahamas on the island. Perhaps the Bahamas have already found a true happiness. There is no many things to do, no many vehicles, no excessive noise. Their lives are comfortable. Therefore, do you have the reason that they should be to blamed for not leaving the place?

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