Monday, May 2, 2011

Pavia honeymoon, romantic Pavia, honeymoon in Pavia

Pavia is a city just 20 kilometers from Milan, the capital of Lombardy. With its Romanesque churches, castles, a monumental mausoleum spaces and remarkable high quality wines and exquisite cuisine, is a province aristocratic.

The region has a spirit and a farming tradition mixed with a strong luxury tourism medieval and Renaissance glory.

There are two rivers that play an important role in the life of this province. They are the river (the longest river in Italy) of the Po and the Ticino River. In fact, the common share in the three provinces: Lomellina on the right side of Ticino Oltrepo 'on the right side of the river Po Pavese totally concentrated in the capital of the province.

This old, exciting city is just right for a day trip or two during your stay in Milan. The old town is easily traversed on foot walking along the streets and squares, see the architectural sights from centuries of history from Roman times to the
 Middle Ages, Visconti and Sforza eras to the Renaissance, the Neoclassical style Liberty.

La Certosa or built between Charterhouse. 1396-1465) is a famous monastery complex in Lombardy, Italy, located near the small town of the same name in the province, 5 miles north of the provincial capital. It was once located on the border of a large hunting park belonging to the family of Visconti

Oltrepò Pavese (meaning the area to the other side of the river Po), known around the world, a privileged area of ​​excellent wines, and many other great attractions. Visitors looking for a destination that offers the natural beauty of the place, lots of romantic places of historical and cultural interest, and a wide range of quality wines and local cuisine, you can find much to satisfy every need during their stay in this area. I ask Oltrepò of northern Tuscany.

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