Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Niagara Falls honeymoon, romantic Niagara Falls, honeymoon in Niagara Falls

To live in the southern part of the State of New York, it is not uncommon for us to visit Niagara Falls, our state. A few years ago my wife asked me to do a four-day mini tour to see the falls, as it had never been there. We decided to go on weekdays to avoid the holiday traffic crush as much as possible.

We did a hotel and we went. Use State Route 17 North to travel more than using Route 287, but the scenery is wonderful, and you can visit many small villages which offer antiques, restaurants and Endicott, a restored 1920 carousel, zoo and exhibitions. It took us several days to travel the 500 miles to reach Niagara with all stops and shops, but we stopped early, before the night, every day, got a room and had a good dinner.

Romantic Niagara Falls Honeymoon
A special place outside of Niagara Falls was our stop glass factory in Corning Corning, New York. Their museum is excellent and the display
 are breathtaking chandelier. Other colors than you can imagine a glass, glass and other objects that can be counted. Vases, plates, shakers, glasses, airport landing lights, chandeliers, lamps and only the rooms and displays. It also shows the area as well as commercial work, including insulation and fiber optic cables. It's worth a visit.

Niagara Falls Getaways
I had a waterfall as a child but an enormous amount of water and the sound has not been forgotten. We arrived at the hotel at about six o'clock in the evening and our "falls view" room had a beautiful view of the wall of the hotel. We paid extra to view and balcony, and we insist that we moved. The hotel kindly done so little. E 'trip was just less bad. We ate dinner in the rooftop restaurant of the hotel, and it was fantastic. The hotel is connected to the casino so we spent the rest of the night to donate money to them.

Niagara Falls Honeymoon
The next morning, appeared clear and sunny. We took a few minutes walk from shops, tourist area for breakfast and my wife had her first exhibition to convert Canadian money to America. We had eggs and coffee and the bill came to something like $ 37 million. Canadian dollar is. She fainted when she saw nearly $ 37000000000000 until the waitress explained the difference in dollars. We had a good laugh at her.

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