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Mustique Island Honeymoon: Mustique Island Hotels, Firefly Hotel, Cotton House Hotel

During your romantic honeymoon on Mustique - a tiny piece of paradise in Caribbean Sea, you two will not feel obligated to do much more than relaxing and enjoying the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Although Mustique island is all about taking it understated, little of it can be called unpretentious. Its high prices and small size - just 2 square miles equal exclusivity, and you may also find yourself sipping rum punch beside part-time resident, Mick Jagger. Most couples opt to rent a villa, though the hotels on Mustique are first class, as there are hundreds of villas available, and many are equipped with a staff.
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And then, I'd like you to introduce you the only two hotels on the Mustique island.

Mustique Island
romantic honeymoon
Firefly Hotel
Built in 1972, the stone house is absolutely one of the first houses ever built by an expatriate North American or English on Mustique. Functioned as a simple, Firefly is not a particularly attractive B & B until the late 1990s when Elizabeth Clayton who was born in Sussex spent a large amount of money to enlarge and upgrade the Firefly Hotel and its restaurant. Even though it only has five bedrooms, the Firefly Hotel prospers as one of the most vibrant bars and popular restaurants on the tiny island where most expatriate inhabitants enjoy partying into the wee hours. Each room has a bathroom with a swimming pool, several ceiling fans, antique four-poster bed, a Caribbean decor and nice mahogany furniture.

Mustique Island
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 The Cotton House Hotel
Cotton House Hotel makes the romantic getaway for a enjoyable and serene honeymoon vacation. If you stay in Cotton House, you two will certainly have a good night's sleep, since the hotel offers a unique new Pillow Menu that allows you to choose your favourite pillow for your stay on Mustique island. The Health Spa provides you the chance to enjoy reflexology, massages, facials and and beauty treatments. Each Cotton House's cottages, rooms and suites is differ from one another. From the balcony, you can also enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Mustique which is one of the most serene and beautiful Caribbean islands.
Mustique Island
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What To Do On Mustique Island
Beach hop: All nine beaches of Mustique are marvelous, but it's slightly different from each other, so choose several of them for your romantic Mustique honeymooon. The beaches on the Atlantic coast feature dramatic surf, while the waters along the Caribbean coast is more warm and calm as a swimming pool.

Spoil yourself: As the island appears to have a surplus of extraordinary beautiful people, maybe you would feel inspired to improve your appearance at the luxe spa in the Cotton House hotel. Besides a long list of luxurious treatments, they provide a guy-specific Men of Mustique facial.

Sidle up to a bar: Ordering a ice-cold cocktail at one of the island's vibrant local bars for yourself may be a perfect idea when you need a break from lying on the beach. You can't say that you have been to Mustique if you haven't paid at least one visit to Basil's Bar which is a well-known site perched on stilts over the water. It is relaxed to eat lobster or burgers as listen to reggae there.

You will certainly have a romantic and memorable honeymoon in Mustique.

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