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Kauai Honeymoon Activities - Things You Can Do During Your Romantic Kauai Honeymoon

Make sure to set aside ample time to discover and explore Kauai after your Hawaiian wedding on Kauai. Here are some Kauai island activities that laden with romance for your Hawaii honeymoon.

Sunset Picnics and Stargazing
After a day experiencing some of Kauai's other outdoor activities, nothing completes the day on your Hawaii honeymoon like experiencing a romantic sunset picnic on Kauai's western shore. There are several pristine parks and beautiful secluded locations to choose from. Your Hawaii honeymoon wouldn’t be complete without this experience. Bring a blanket and picnic basket along.

Waimea Canyon by Air
Waimea canyon is known for its breathtaking beauty and has been
 named the “Canyon of the
Kauai Romantic Honeymoon
 Pacific.” Experience the magnificent cliffs and seascapes. A helicopter ride gives you access to secluded valleys and cascading waterfalls, not accessible from land. These hidden romantic spots are a “must see” on your Kauai honeymoon.

Na Pali Coast
Kauai's Na Pali Coast is one of the most stupendous wilderness areas not only in Hawaii, but also in the entire Pacific. Precipitous cliffs and towering pinnacles form a natural barrier and limit access to its hidden verdant valleys, mysterious sea caves and pristine deserted beaches. Exploring the Na Pali by sea, one is treated to close-up sights viewed only by a lucky few.

Kauai Honeymoon Activities
Snorkeling on Kauai
Snorkeling is another Hawaii honeymoon favorite. Rarely does one get to share the experience and joy of drifting along in clear blue, warm water in a school of colorful fish above a beautiful tropical reef. With numerous protected lagoons and coral reefs, Kauai provides some of the finest snorkeling opportunities available to both beginners and snorkeling veterans alike.

Kayaking on Kauai
You don't have to be an experienced kayaker to enjoy kayaking on Kauai. With just a few initial instructions, you two can be out exploring Kauai's tropical rivers and streams in no time. Paddle your way to a romantic adventure on your Hawaii honeymoon, exploring ancient Hawaiian villages or secluded waterfalls and ponds.
Kauai, Hawaii Honeymoon

Kauai Golf
Do you both enjoy golf? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to golf three of Golf Digest's top ten courses in Hawaii. Kauai offers unmatched golfing opportunities for your Hawaiian honeymoon. With eight award-winning golf courses to choose from and special golf vacation packages available, Kauai offers more golf than most people can play in a week.

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