Monday, May 2, 2011

Jeju Island honeymoon, romantic Jeju Island, honeymoon in Jeju Island

If you are serious about going to Jeju Island for a romantic getaway, great, I personally believe that you have chosen accommodation (particularly in Jeju Hotels) is another area that should not be ignored. This is due to end after a lot of activity on the island and you have a nice place to relax your body and sore feet.

South Korea could not be a hot spot for a tropical getaway, but a look at the point of view of the oceanic island green, rare and unique waterfalls, and reasonable weather it an excellent choice for a vacation paradise.

Jeju Island is located in an extinct volcano - Mount HAL which is dominated by the middle of the island. The island is full of a unique formation of rocks hundreds of active volcanic craters that create the places that you can not find anywhere else.

Most tourists who go to Seoul for the holidays, always choose to stay a few days in the island of Jeju. Not only that Jeju is favored by tourists but also locals. Now the next question is where to stay in Jeju?

Well, do not be too concerned about what these are activities that you can work on that I will share with you below:

Some good places to visit in the resort island of Jeju:              

1.Samyang Black Sand Beach - it is usually crowded during the summer. It is believed that the black sand bath is good for arthritis, obesity, eczema, flu, and athlete's foot.

2. Folklore and History Museum of Nature - The Natural History Museum Jeju, flora, fauna, folklore, culture and more. It is a great place to learn about the island of Jeju.

3. Mokseokwan - This is a sculpture made of wood and stone statues. The trees grow in strange ways and you can not find this kind of trees on the island of Jeju. There is a great romantic story behind the construction of Mokseokwan. Make sure you know when you're there.

4.Dragon Head - also known as Yongduam Rock and is one of the most famous. Dragon Head is an option for honeymoon hot to take pictures. Other attractions are its seafood, fish and shellfish by diving and can be purchased at a very low price.

5.Hike Halla - Halla is the highest mountain in Korea. It is one of the mountains that lead to Korea for its beauty. It takes about half a day to hike and beautiful views can be done if you start your trip in the morning. The climb is relatively easy with pre-built stairs.

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