Thursday, May 26, 2011

Honfleur Honeymoon

Pretty Honfleur surrounds an ancient harbour that bobs with yachts and pleasure boats. The relaxing cafés and leisurely charm belie its former strategic and military significance: Honfleur was important in the Hundred Years War and also in the 17th-century Voyages of Discovery (Samuel de Champlain sailed from here to found Quebec in 1608). The effects of silting put an end to Honfleur's maritime influence, but thanks to the near-magical quality of its light the town became an artists' haven in the 19th century. Today, tourists cluster beneath the strikingly tall slate residences of the inner harbour, the Vieux Bassin; but step away from the water and you're in quiet, cobbled streets.

Honfleur, famous small town in Normandy is absolutely charming. Over the centuries, Honfleur has attracted artists of every kind, and today tourists and visitors from around the world. Situated on the left bank of the mouth of the Seine, Honfleur flourishes in "green surroundings," wrote Henri de Régnier. Fortunately spared the devastation of the Second World War, the old city, with its prestigious history, will attract any traveller with all its charm. If we were, as in the past, to summ up the attractions of Honfleur on a single sign on the roadside, we could write: Honfleur, its old docks, its old streets, its museums, historical and religious monuments ... Any one program!

Romantic Getaways
From spring to fall, so you will not be alone in walking around in Honfleur. But even out of season, you will be charmed. Rain, wet slate on the roofs and the gleaming cobblestones have a strange and fascinating power... Definitely, Honfleur is one of the most romantic places in France!
And it is true that Honfleur has a power of attraction so great that it is not uncommon to come across in every season of Parisians who have not hesitated to make the road (2 hours driving) just for the pleasure of a romantic dinner on the old port.

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