Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fiji honeymoon, romantic Fiji, honeymoon in Fiji

On the morning of the day you arrive in Fiji ...Together with your heart pounding with a rhythmic engine seaplane, when the eye is a fear it is a wonder of Fiji just 500 feet below.

Cabotage few meters from a dream beach, the rhythm becomes music and laughter, while the Fijians play together and sing for the arrival of the aircraft. Your heart more quickly in anticipation when you dip your feet in the famous blue lagoon, wading ashore on your own private island.

Under a tropical sun, joy mingle among you a whirlwind of hot water and warm smile, while Leis Fragrant Flower and refreshing concoctions of sweet coconut and fresh fill your senses. Slowly, you both sand guided down silky and palm fringed beach to your beach Bure. You let a cry of joy
 when the two of you discover the opulent interiors.

The days pass without difficulty, when the ebb and flow between your king size bed, whirlpool jets, daybed on the terrace, shower, stored Frigg, Bose CD player and comfortable hammock for two, in the constant exotic delights of the sea and inviting.

To explore ... to dive ... having fun in its own private beach, isolated by their own and indulge in champagne and lobster picnic.

And remember that in the South Pacific Vacations, made it possible for you.

Now is the image you want to be, right?!

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