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Costa Rica Honeymoon, Costa Rica Vacation, Romantic Costa Rica Honeymoon

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America. It is surrounded by Panama, Nicaragua, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The name Costa Rica means Rich Coast in Spanish. Costa Rica has a total of 800 miles of beautiful coastline. With tourists visiting in the millions each year, it is the most visited nation in the Central American Region.

Costa Rica is an outdoor wonderland for visitors. Your honeymoon can include any type of adventure you desire. Bungee jumping is a popular sport, along with parasailing and hot air ballooning. You can include any number of aerial adventures in your honeymoon.

Your Costa Rica honeymoon should also include a visit to one of the many casinos throughout the country. Most large cities and all of the tourist areas have casinos with slot machines, although these are a bit different than the Las Vegas style slot machines in the United States. Numerous card games are also available.
Costa Rica - romantic honeymoon

The turtle nesting season in Costa Rica is from July to October for green turtles along the beaches of Tortuguero National Park. Leatherback turtles nest along the Caribbean coast from February to June. The less common loggerheads and hawksbill turtles nest along the Caribbean during the summer. Every month from August to September, the Olive Ridley comes ashore to nest in Ostional in Guanacaste.

Costa Rica - turtle nesting
Costa Rica has many national parks and protected areas throughout the country. Ecotourism is a major draw for many people to these parks. Ecotourism is considered to be responsible travel to pristine, fragile protected areas and desires to be low impact to those areas. It strives to preserve these naturally beautiful areas for generations to come. Costa Rica is recognized as one of the few countries with true ecotourism. Visiting one of these natural protected areas is a must when visiting Costa Rica.

Costa Rica - romantic getaways
If you prefer staying on land, Costa Rica has many activities to fill your need. Canyoning and caving are amongst the most popular, with golfing, hiking, and mountain biking coming in a close second. You can visit a turtle nesting area or go on a chocolate plantation tour. There are chocolate plantations using the same method of preparing chocolate as the Mayans did.

Costa Rica is a country surrounded by water and offers many water activities. You can go on a dolphin or whale watching tour or scuba diving and snorkeling. How about swimming with the sharks? If you are really adventurous, this may be for you. For the non-adventurous spirit, there is always surfing and rafting. Of course, you can just spend your honeymoon relaxing on one of the beautiful white, sandy beaches all around Costa Rica. Get a relaxing massage at one of the many day spas or visit one of the health and wellness retreats. Whatever you choose, your Costa Rica honeymoon will be memorable.

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