Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bali Honeymoon,Bali Vacations for honeymooners (Part two)

Bali's beauty and allure make it a perfect place for a honeymoon. Idyllic vistas over tropical shores, cool green forest with gentle breezes, or stunning views from cliff tops.

Explore the underwater world without even having to swim. underwater walking is ideal for those who want to discover life under the sea, but not the swimmers or unwilling to plunge. Relax and sink into a world of freedom, as you walk along the seabed.

After being fully informed, enjoy a short boat trip to the coast of Sanur. Then get off the ship and down a ladder to a depth of 10 meters. The train has to breathe is a dome that is placed on the head before entering the water oxygen is introduced at the top of the ship above.

Once underwater, you will literally be able to walk on the ocean floor, surrounded by hundreds of fish and marine life of others.

See Part One 

You will be fully controlled individually with an instructor all the time that is underwater. No diving experience is necessary and not even be able to swim.

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  1. I've been planning my honeymoon for some time now and I still haven't decided, but this will definitely be one of my choices.
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  2. I am looking for a place for my vacation.
    Bali would be my top list.


  3. I went to Bali twice with my friends and we had a great time.
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  5. Bali is one of the best spots in Indonesia. It was once affected by a Tsunami that caused sever damages to properties. The tourism on this ares was also affected. It's good to know that this place had been restored and is now operating normally. I'd love to do my honeymoon here. It seems like a very beautiful and relaxing place to visit.

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  6. I agree with the previous comments. I love Bali Indonesia. I visited this place and I experienced the best hotel accommodation and beach club resorts amenities. What I liked most was the spa. It was a very relaxing experience staying in the spa of Bali for almost 4 hours. I will surely go back to Bali.

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