Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Verona: a romantic honeymoon destination for the couples

Verona is Romeo and Juliet's hometown in Shakespeare's story and it has long be a romantic resort of Italy. Verona which was built along the banks of Adige Rive is a combination of ancient culture and modern civilization. It has a long history, beautiful scenery and charming legend.

Although Verona attracts thousands of visitors everyday, the historic city in north Italy is not crowded much by the tourists. Consequently, you could find a lot of wondeful places in and around Verona to spend private time together with your lover. The sinuous alleys of the city are great for honeymooners to stroll around Verona. You two will certainly have a special romantic honeymoon in Verona, one of the most romantic getaways.

Arena di Verona built in the 30 AD is the most popular attraction in Verona. Known as the third biggest arena in Italy, Arena di Verona is capable of housing fifteen thousand
 spectators on a performance. As the government of Italy preserves the arena so well that you can recall the marvelous originality of Arena di Verona when you move close to it. A large number of tourists come to visit the amphitheater in summer when Arena di Verona is a venue for opera productions.

Castelvecchio is another great attraction in Verona. It had once been a military fort and now it has been turned to an art museum. Seeing a large number of stunning art works would make couples certainly have a meaningful honeymoon ; Watching the Romeo and Juliet story unfold before your eyes would make your romantic honeymoon to Verona worthwhile. Summer is the best time to visit Verona that you may have the chance to take part in the well-known Shakespeare festival. Then you will know why Verona is one of the most romantic getaways.

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