Thursday, April 7, 2011

Venice: A Flashy Dream Drifting On Water

Venice is a city of magic. Less than 8 square kilometers, Venice is splitted into 118 small islands by 177 unique canals and these small islands are connected by 401 bridges. As Venice is filled with the romantic atmosphere everywhere, it is an ideal romantic honeymoon destinaion.

As Italy is the romance capital of the world, it has many romantic getaways such as Milan, Florence, Naples, Verona,and also Venice.If you are preparing your honeymoon in Venice, it will never let you down. Surrounded by waters, Venice is one of the most charming cities in Italy and one of the most romantic cities around the world with its inner gondolas and canals which make the city special and unique. There are many stunning attractions in Venice for you two to discover and enjoy together. Churches such as San Zaccaria, San Marco di Venezia, Chiesa di San Francesco della Vigna, San Giobbe and the most well-known
 Basilica del Santo are must-see constructions when you go for your romantic honeymoon. In view of the fact that the foundation of the city is on water, you would appreciate the wonderful and unforgettable architectural complex of Venice.

One of the most interesting and typical things you can have a try during your romantic honeymoon in Venice is to take a gondola ride through the most romantic regions of the city. Walking along Venice’s small roads and getting in touch with its vivid and unique spirit may also be a great way to enjoy your romantic honeymoon in Venice, one of the most romantic getaways all over the world. And If you go to the city for honeymoon in the first part of the year, you 'd better not miss the grand Venetian Carnival which may be a memorable experience in your life.

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