Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sicily: Explore the origin of the beautiy of Italy;Sicily honeymoon

If you haven't been to Sicily, it seems like you haven't been to Italy. Because only in Sicily can you find the origin of the beauty of Italy.

Sicily is a great romantic getaways for the couples who are planning to have a romantic honeymoon. Sicily is also one of the few getaways that allows you for diverse food, stunning scenery and lazy days at marvelous beaches. Although some people may consider Venice or Verona as perfect Italian honeymoon destinations, Sicily offers numerous unforgettable experience for honeymooners.

The Weather In Sicily
While summer is really very dry and hot, busy, and it may be crowded in the tourist spots, the climate of Sicily is sunny and comfortable throughout the year. During Jun to
 Jul, the average temperature is about 80°F. And in the winter months, when is the "off season", the average temperature is about 60°F.

The Activities In Sicily
If you two both want to see the wonderful seascape or take part in varied water sport activities such as fishing and scuba diving, you've come to the right place. Sicily can fully meet all your requirements. You could enjoy yourselves by sailing around the Island of Sicily aboard a big yacht. Many exiting activities is also designed for the honeymooners.

Taking a helicopter flight to soar over Mount Etna and enjoy the stunning beauty may also be a perfect idea to make your romantic honeymoon more memorabel. If you think it doesn't sound attractive, you two even can extend your flight out to the Aeolian Islands where you would see the marvelous smoking volcanic island of Stromboli. That may be a valuable experience in your whole life. Start your Sicily honeymoon right now, and enjoy youselves in the romantic getaways.

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