Sunday, April 24, 2011

Seychelles Honeymoon: snorkeling, scuba diving, sunset

Seychelles is a great romantic getaway to the couples. More than 50% throughout the area was turned into the nature reserve, Seychelles own the reputation of being "the travelers' paradise" . In 1993, Seychelles was chosen as the third greatest honeymoon destination in the world.

With the smallest population in Africa and the rich biodiversity of the spectacular island, Seychelles is both a romantic getaway and true paradise to the honeymooners. Honeymoon in Seychelles may easily turn the couples' romantic dreams and rich fantasies into reality. For its breathtaking serenity and calmness, Seychelles has become an excellent choice for the newlyweds in the past few years. Seychelles offers not only marvelous white - sand beaches and exciting water sports but also the vibrant nightlife, which is liveliest on Praslin Island, where there are numerous pubs, entertaining clubs and
dazzling casinos. Taking a stroll
 along the stunning beaches may also be a perfect idea, you two can enjoy the romantic sunset with cool waves licking your feet.

Activities in Seychelles
For the water sports enthusiasts, options of trying your hand at snorkeling, scuba diving is always there. With the crystal clear waters, the warm and comfortable climate and the different varieties of tropical fish, Seychelles is really a perfect place for the couples who love water sports to relax themselves. In order to fully your memorable and romantic honeymoon, paying a visit to the well-known attractions in Seychelles such as the marine park, great botanical gardens and the Natural History Museum is another good way to discover the beauty of Seychelles with your sweetheart. Furthermore, the couples can also take a tour around Mahe to explore the peaceful southern coast set among coconut trees and granite rocks.

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