Thursday, April 21, 2011

Santorini Vlychada: Romantic Greek Island In The Aegean sea

Santorini consists of three islands. Thira, the largest island among them, looks like a thin crescent. As the sunset in Santorini is quite marvelous, it is a must-see during your romantic honeymoon in the romantic getaways. Imagine the picture yourself that people who are from different countries, have different colors, speak different languages​​, while  watch the same sunset in the same place together with you. The feeling is certain to be very wonderful and romantic.

As the true heaven on the earth, Santorini is a distinctive Greek island besides Mykonos, with a romantic atmosphere that makes Santorini the best honeymoon and wedding place around the world. Santorini offers the honeymooners the perfect scenes of beautiful sunset around the whole world. Imagine yourself on the honeymoon in Santorini, in the arms of your sweetheart, gazing upon the marvelous beauty of Santorini from your hotel open windows, or taking romantic rambles around white sand beaches as the waves touch your feet and the gentle wind of the Aegean sea blows over your face. Honeymoon in Santorini will be the most unforgettable memory in your life.

Santorini-Marina Vlychada
Located at the southernmost end of Santorini, Vlychada is sadly the only harbor where you can safely anchor the yacht with less dragging risk when storms appears or leave your boat unattended while exploring Santorini, the romantic getaway.

Vlychada - Also A Beautiful Beach In Santorini
The Vlychada beach is very long with many umbrellas and sun beds rentals along it. Famous for its dark grey sand and rock formation behind it, Vlychada beach attracts many people come to see the marvelous beauty of Vlychada, Santorini. When you two take a romantic stroll along the beach, you would easily notice 2 big chimneys. You needn't worry that it will ruin your romantic honeymoon in Santorini, as the factory has been stopped for many years and turned into a special and unique landscape. Of course, you will remember the peculiar getaway all your life.

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