Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saipan Honeymoon: Fishing In Saipan

It is said that Saipan is the most appropriate place for the families to go on their vacation together. There are quiet clear waters, long sandy beaches, exotic underwater world and mysterious ruins of World War II.

I have talked a lot about diving in Saipan in my last artical, so today, I'd like to tell you something about fishing in Saipan. It's no longer a secret that Saipan offers quite wonderful fishing! As the Chamorros and Carolinians are so dependent on fishing for survival and food, fishing is still a major source of income of the Saipan locals in today's modern life. Also, the remoteness of Saipan, which is almost in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean, makes for the best condition for an abundance and variety of fish in the vast waters around Saipan.

There are numerous different ways tourists can enjoy fishing while in Saipan. You can use your own fishing equipment and fish off the coast from the beach, walk out past the lagoon to where the deep sea meets the stunning coral reef, take a boat out into the sea for some deep sea sport fishing, or go on a fishing cruise provided by one of the plenty cruise companies in Saipan. It will certainly be one of the romantic and memorable activities in Saipan with your lover.

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