Friday, April 22, 2011

Saipan Honeymoon: Diver's Paradise

Saipan is certainly one of the most romantic getaways around the world. Honeymooners can enjoy a romantic Saipan sunset cruise which is the most popular activity to the couples. Take yacht when night falls and enjoy Saipan food in the beatiful sunset.

Saipan is a unique tropical island that boasts both historic WWII sites and natural attractions. With its marvelous white-sand beaches and charming natural beauty, the tiny island attracts thousands of honeymooners every year. Without a doubt, it's a perfect idea to have your special honeymoon in this romantic getaways.

Scuba Diving In Saipan
If you two scuba diving enthusiasts, you have come to the right place. For its crystal clear water, colorful coral reefs, comfortable weather and romantic aura, Saipan attracts many newlyweds to come to experience the
 fun of saipan scuba diving. Surrounded by tropical coral reefs and marvelous beaches on all sides, Saipan offers several wonderful scuba diving spots including the most famous and popular diving spot around the world - The Blue Grotto. If you haven't taken part in some underwater activities in Saipan such as snorkeling or scuba diving, You wouldn't have fully experienced Saipan, one of the romantic getaways all over the world. So take your equipment and prepare for an unforgettable underwater experience which will certainly make your honeymoon meaningful.

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