Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pemba Island: Great Honeymoon Island In Zanzibar

As part of the Zanzibar islands, Pemba has soon become a unique and romantic destination. Many honeymooners come here to explore the coconut grove and go for water sports in the perfect diving site. The rich variety of marine life and colorful coral in the romantic getaway also attracts thousands of visitors every year.

If you have traveled to Fiji or Hawaii, you'd better not miss Pemba, another romantic and beautiful island. Located on the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Pemba Island is certainly one of the best places to explore Indian ocean's marine life. The romantic getaways offers marvelous deep sea diving site, which range from thirty to fifty meters. Therefore, many diving lovers come here to explore the inordinately distinctive underwater world. Famous for its combined knowledge of the African witchcraft and occult, Pemba also attracts a lot of tourists who are looking for local treatments or looking to acquire the skills of witch-doctoring.

Activities In Pemba Island
The weather in Pemba is cool and comfortable. So it is a good idea to go for cycling or foot-walking Safari to every romantic corner of the island. Visit to Pemba's historic ruins is also a great activity in Pemba as well. There are many marvelous ruins in Ras Mkumbuu at the end of Peninsula, the remains of the old churches and some columns which date from as early as 11th Century. Foot-Walking excursion to Pujini Ruins located about ten kilometer southeast of Chake Chake, the largest town on Pemba.

If you are looking for a romantic luxury resort, fond of snorkeling or Scuba diving, enjoy local delicacies, not too much hurly-burly, can deal without television, want to get close to nature, then Pemba Island may be your perfect paradise, romantic honeymoon destination and romantic getaways.

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