Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Hosting the 1992 Winter Olympics, Norway is more than the tracks and the white snow. In the larger cities of Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger to offer visitors a good atmosphere in the old town areas, and a vibrant nightlife and cultural scenes. city ​​less attractive as Sao Paulo and Fredrikstad, offer travelers a taste of Norwegian culture.

Norway, one of the most Romantic Getaways in the world, is also proud to introduce visitors to the breathtaking rugged forested hills and valleys, mountains, waterfalls and the beautiful west coast accentuated by the stunning fjords and islands. Adventurous outdoor enthusiasts will not stop the incredible ways to enjoy this beautiful country. landscape of Norway is certainly a surprising environment for a romantic and memorable honeymoon.

Romantic Getaways, Norway
Norway is not only known for his landscapes, but also for visitors
 with open arms welcoming people, the friendliness and hospitality. Norwegians are proud of their rich traditions, but also the courage to explore new ideas and trends. Norway is a nation that covers all types of opinions, lifestyles and cultures.

Romantic Activities In Norway
Norway is a jackpot for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers the most adventurous. Cross country skiing, alpine skiing, alpine climbing and snowboarding are popular winter activities. In summer you can admire the breathtaking scenery, hiking, biking, kayaking, water rafting and paragliding disorders.

Looking for a unique touch with nature? Follow the killer whales in Lofoten from mid-October to January mid. Late autumn, when the herring return Tysfjord the winter, followed by between 500 and 700 hungry killer whales. Spectators more brave whale really get to swim between the conditions are favorable. Safari or large passenger boats or rafts are available.

Norway Weather
Ever wanted to play a round of golf at midnight? In the romantic getaways, it is possible. Norway is famous for its natural phenomena, particularly the midnight sun and aurora borealis.

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