Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Las Vegas: a romantic honeymoon destination for the couples

According to statistics, every year there are 12 million couples get married in Las Vegas, most of which are tourists. Therefore,  Las Vegas is regardes as the honeymoon capital and also it is one of the romantic getaways in the world.

Best Beaches in Las Vegas
You may not believe that Las Vegas truly has many stunning beaches while the city is more than two hundred and fifty miles away from the nearest coastline. Although the beaches in Las Vegas can't cope with those in Mauritius or Caribbean, these beaches will offer the honeymooners everthing they want with a large number of interesting activities. If the couples want to have a romantic honeymoon without too much hurly and burly, try to stay at Montelago Village.It is located at the west end of Lake Mead which has a beautiful beach built by three hundred and fifty tons of imported white, soft sand.

Night in Las Vegas
Famous for its casinos, clubs and luxurious hotels, Las Vegas is a perfect place to enjoy at night and it is also regarded as the clubbing capital. There is such a huge display of dazzling light and sound, that it can be seen from the roads as well as from several miles away from Las Vegas. There are a lot of things such as visiting any stage displays, casinos, or going to hotels that comes into consideration for making the nightlife best in Las Vegas . Many restaurants or  hotels with their bright light display are open whole night.

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