Saturday, April 2, 2011

Honey, let us go to Sydney for our honeymoon!

Reputed as Southern New York, Sydney is really a romantic getaways and a modern city full of cultural atmosphere. Sydney Harbour's mulriple sandstones, highlands, cliffs, rocks, bays and beaches form the world's most beautiful waters.

International cities are usually a good choice for couples that enjoy both lively and urban place. As sydney has stunning natural beauty, exciting amusement and attractive culture activities, it attracts thousands of people come to have their memorable honeymoon worldwide.

Many people may believe that Sydney is the capital city of Australia, but in fact that they are wrong. Canberra occupies that position, but it is no doubt that Sydney is really the most popular and international city of Australia. It would be a perfect idea to spend your sepecial honeymoon in Sydney, a woderful romantic getaways,
 as it offers unique natural landscapes and great entertainments to enjoy.

There is no lack of well-known landmarks in Sydney such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower, Queen Victoria Building and also the most distinctive building, Sydney Opera House. It consists of a series groups of uniform white shells of which the two larger spaces are Opera Concert Hall and Theatre. If you two are inerested in art, you can visit Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales and Blender Gallery. All of those are very famous and worth having a look. Nightlife in Sydney is exceedingly vivid. Sydney is truly among those cities that features large quantities of venues and goes all day and night to keep you occupied long past the last train leaves the station nearby. You'd better have a try and you would never forget the experience in the romantic getaways.

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Honey, let us go to Sydney for our honeymoon!
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