Friday, April 1, 2011

Fiji: A Pearl In The South Pacific And A Romantic Honymoon Desination

Fiji, called the cross road of the South Pacific, is consists of 332 islands of which 106 are inhabited islands and most of them are volcanic islands surrounded by coral reefs. Fiji is also the most eastern and most western country and romantic getaways.

Imagine the feel of soft sand between your toes as you stroll along the marvelous white sand beach of Fiji togerther with your sweetheart after a secluded island picnic for two. while you are having a shower after a refreshing swim in front of your hut, you can hear the sound of palm leaves rustling in the gentle sea wind. And also, having a candlelit dining at a private table for two placed on the quite alluring beach under twinkling stars is really a great idea to enjoy your honeymoon in Fiji, a romantic getaways. No sooner had you arrived at Fiji than you started your memorabel romantic getaways. Matangi's kind and politely Fijian staff member welcomes
 you on the beautiful Matangi Island beach with delicious coconut drinks decorated with vivid tropical flowers when you reach the romantic getaways.

Fiji Honeymoon Activities
It's comfortable to swim in Fiji's crystal clear waters of which temperature ranges from 26C to 29C all day long. Fiji is one of the most popular place to go snorkeling or scuba diving worldwide. As visibility is always perfect and usually more than fifty metres, you can easily see numerous colorful corals, various fishes, green turtles and even reef sharks. Fiji also offers a great variety of adventure activities such as cycling, visiting Fijian villages, great hiking and so on. You will certainly enjoy the perfect romantic getaways.

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