Saturday, April 30, 2011

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England has four distinct areas - the south of England Heart of England East of England and the north of England - each offers something unique and exciting: majestic moorland and rocky peaks, lush marshes, wide sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages. However, Britain is not only the campaign. If the couples are plan to go on a honeymoon, then England must be the perfect choice.

There are cities elegant, romantic, refined and historic Rome, Georgia, Tudor and Victorian influences, splendor of architecture, university towns, historic cities and vibrant and exciting cities with museums, art galleries, trendy restaurants modern theater, nightlife and extraordinary.

Environment of England romantic getaways

England is the largest of the three political groups within the island of Great Britain. Bound to the north and west Scotland, Wales, England is not more than 29 km (18mi) from France across the narrowest part of the Channel. A lot of England is flat or
 low. In the north, there are several limestone hills, known as the Pennines, west of the Cumberland Mountains and the Lake District. South Pennines is densely populated Midlands, and south-western peninsula, which is known in the West Country, is a granite cliff of good agricultural
 plain milk and rugged coastlines. In the rest of the country is well known in the English Lowlands, a mixture of farmland, low hills, and the massive industrial outskirts of London.

Romantic and Exciting Activities In England
Put on foot or jump on the bike to see all the nooks and crannies rare finds in England. The best beaches are in Devon and Cornwall, the best surf is on the west coast of Cornwall, in particular in Newquay. Enjoy shopping in London 's South End, or spend the day with the English castles. Many are beautifully manicured gardens. Do not forget to take the Theatre of London, which has no equal in the world.

The couples will certainly have a romantic honeymoon in England.

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