Friday, April 29, 2011

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Austria's hills are alive with the sound of music - literally. Composers throughout Europe were established in the country at the 18th and 19th century by the generous patronage of the Eastern Habsburg. Visit the country who inspired Mozart, Beethoven and Frank Lloyd Wright will leave a lasting impression and wonderful memories. Art lovers will fall in love with Vienna's many museums and art galleries. What's more romantic place could there be for a honeymoon?

Geography/Environment of Austria
Austria is a tube-shaped landlocked country located in Europe. It extends 560 km from east to west, 280 km from north to south, and is surrounded by Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland. The Alps occupy the southern and western.

Activities in Austria  Romantic Getaways
All Australians seem to opportunity to ski with ease which is wonderful beginner learning on the slopes. Vorarlberg and Tyrol are the most popular areas, but it is also a ski resort in the province of Salzburg,
 Upper Austria and Carinthia. Kitzbhel and Lech are the location of the jet-set. Those who have less money, the crowds disgust and great leg definition can be found at the bottom of the most rewarding. This will be done almost anywhere there is enough snow and the lack of buildings. There are thousands of miles (km) of well-marked trails in the Alps to investigate. Kaiser mountains of North Tyrol are favored by mountaineers, but make sure that you will never climb alone or without proper equipment and hear about the local weather conditions and avalanches. Paragliding and hang gliding are popular, and you can rent equipment and get the education up to the ski resorts. Ballooning is also out (so to speak), despite the high costs.

For those more interested in the trip to Vienna is a city of world-class city of old world charm. Museum lovers will love Kunst Haus, Belvedere, The House of Music, and much more. Ringstrasse is a shopper's paradise. Here you will find big and small shops of the most glamorous of internationally renowned designers, trends Vinenese style. Vienna Opera House is also a must for anyone who replaces the music.

Climate and Weather of Austria Romantic Getaways
Most of Austria has a moderate climate of central Europe to the east of the country has been blessed with a Continental Pannonian climate, which sounds impressive but really only means that average temperatures in July are above 19 ยบ C and annual rainfall is less than 80 cm.

The lakes of the Salzkammergut and Carinthia offers water skiing, sailing and windsurfing. River cruises on the Danube is a must, especially for lovers of Strauss.

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