Thursday, March 31, 2011

Madrid: Encounter With The Romantic Honeymoon

Madrid, a romantic getaways, is quite a beautiful city for conformabling around. If you've never been here, you will certainly fall in love with Madrid at first glance.

While I believe that there are many wonderful attractoins there, Madrid was primarily just our layover between Greece and Provence. What makes matters worse, we have lost our tourist handbook. But there was one place that we were eager to visit, the Prado museum, which is actually an art gallery. So we put our luggages in a locker at the subway station and then head for the museum.

The Prado is a famous gallery in the romantic getaways and collects a large number of masterpieces. Regrettably, using their lavatory which is better than that at the bus station is the first thing we did when we got there, and then we had our breakfast at the gallery Café.

No sooner had we gotten serious about art than we realized suddenly that a Picasso exhibition which we really wanted to go to and have a look at was taking place synchronously. The exhibition which was actually split between the Reina Sofia and Prado museums was to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Guernica' homecoming. In order to see the Picasso exhibition, we had to enter the musem again without extra costs.

I will contitue to complete my diary of the travel to Madrid, a romantic getaways, at a later time.

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