Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lugano: A Great Honeymoon Destination With Beautiful Scenery Of Lakes And Mountains

Lugano is a Swiss city near the border of Italy and it is also a lake park in southern Switzerland on the Italian border. The whole city is in the arms of towering mountains and surrounded by exotic plants.

The weather in Lugano is fine and pleasant throughout the year. Most of the city has a central European climate. Lugano is famous for its wonderful scenery and peaceful atmosphere. All these things have made Lugano a ideal romantic getaways. The city also has a good gathering of many luxurious hotels and resorts. They provide all the perfect facilities and offer you a agreeable stay in a extremely romantic atmosphere. Therefore honeymoon in Lugano offers a romantic as well as satisfying experience to the honeymooners. As the romantic getaways, Lugano has a large number of wonderful parks such as the
 Belvedere garden, the Parco Del Tassino Park, the San Grato Botanical Park and the Parco Ciani Park. The perfect way to begin your honeymoon in Lugano is to spend a couple hours enjoying the beautiful scenery with each other.

If you two are interested in history and arts & crafts, you can go and visit Museo d`Arte Moderna or Museo Cantonale d Arte in Lugano and see the stunning paintings in De Primi Fine Art SA, a most famous gallery in Lurgo. And if you are interested in wildlife spotting, you can get close to the animals in Zoo Al Maglio. It will never let you down.

Shopping is an important part of the romantic getaways. Lugano offers a lot of options for the couples. If you are a sophisticated buyer, you can go to the historical road of Via Nassa for your favorite goods. While you can also enjoy some local desserts at the Lugano market which is open Tuesday and Friday from 2 p.m. to evening on Piazza della RiForma and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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