Monday, March 21, 2011

Greece: The cradle of Western civilization

A large number of Aegean islands which are both the celebrities and ordinary tourists' favorite resort boasts beautiful scenery. And it is also chosen by "National Geographicas" as one of the top 50 must-go places in lifetime. Aegean islands, a total of over two thousand, of which up to 170 are inhabited. If you want to tour round them one by one, it will takes you many years. So, there is no harm in enjoy the comfortable life in the Greece island according to your own preferences and seasons.

Romantic getaways in Greece is one of the most popular place in the world. As Greece celebrates Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, romance is ample in the country. Greece has many islands that are well known for their rich history, ancient shrines,unique ecology and archaeological sites. People flock to Greece to take part in the romantic sunsets, cultural charm and marvelous beaches. Greece proffers many opportunities for a romantic getaways for couples seeking extraordinary time together.

The Zakinthos Island is generally a must-see for couples. You can travel to Laganas Beach and start looking for mild sea turtles or pay a visit to the town of Skinari to see the marvelous Blue Caves, in which the interiors are illuminated by light reflecting from the sea. This romantic island which was once a Venitian colony is home to the fort around the sea, the Museum of Byzantine and the remarkable church of St.Dionysos. It's worth to have a look!

Another amazing place for romantic getaways in Greece is the Santorini Island ; its made by a volcanic explosion that happened more than 3,500 years ago, the distinctive breathtaking beauty makes for fabulous scenery. The area has both the sea below and rocky places for climbing that offers quite an adventure. You can view the aquatic living creatures around the sunken volcano or rent a donkey ride for unusual adventure.

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  1. When I read this blog I remembered the movie entitled Helen of Troy.

    I want my honeymoon here with my queen as beautiful as Helen of Troy.