Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dubai: The Luxury Honeymoon

Referred to Middle East, people cannot but recall the horrid wars and unforeseen armed conflicts. However, Dubai is an exception. As the world's fastest growing romantic getaways, safety control is the premise of fast growing here.

A beach vacation with a totally different tone, honeymoon in Dubai is an experience pampered by  daylong expeditions, shopping, relaxing, desert safaris, eating and drinking.

Desert Safari: Experience a scenic drive at the crescent dunes of Dubai. The golden sand mounds really give you a rollercoaster ride while the car moves up and down the steep dunes. The interesting activities grows on further with the belly dancer’s performances, viewing Dubai desert sunset, henna painting and camel riding.

Shopping: People will never forget shopping in Dubai. You can find many bargaining and discounts in Gold and Carpet Souks, the Dubai City Centre and the Mall of Emirates. It's a good opportunity to buy the goods dear to your heart.

City Tour: Just tour round the city to enjoy the modern and rich living style of Dubai. Textile Souq, Century Village, Sheik Palace, Grand Mosque, Dubai Zoo, The Palm Island, Diera Towers and Narish Khyma Museum are a few of the attractions of Dubai.

Dhow Cruise: Start a romantic cruises gifted with the traditional Arabic culture that delivers one of the best tours of the city. A 3 – 5 hour cruise taking you into a world of magic, nice dinning and belly dancing, the cruise actually establishes a unforgettable part of your honeymoon. And some of the cruises also offer day long or long stay options that brings you some more relaxation, internet connectivity, café and bars, swimming and shopping shuttles along with marvelous beaches that sop up all the glories of the romantic getaways.

Other Activities: There are numerous other activities that the couples can enjoy other than shopping, desert safari or exploring. You can spend time scuba diving, Go Karting, scuba divin, swimming, paragliding, Wadi bashing, or relax and revive at the varied spas and massage treatment rooms nested inside the resorts and hotels.


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