Friday, March 9, 2012

Naladhu Maldives Honeymoon: A Six-Star Resort On Veligandu Huraa Island

The Naladhu Maldives Island is located at the South Atoll in the Maldives. Known as the "beautiful island", Naladhu Maldives offers honeymooners luxury, tranquility and timeless moment. Every rooms are traditionally furnished with colonial style, brown white color combined with embedded flowers screen. Not be admitted persons under 16 years old, in order to avoid honeymoon couple who have paid a roll of gold harassed by neighborhood children.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cocoa Island Honeymoon - Luxury Maldives Honeymoon

Cocoa Island Getaways - Cocoa Island is a small island in the Maldives. The blue sky, the sea and the beaches are awesome. And there are wide varieties of fragrant flowers. In the paradise-like place, honeymooners can choose the house which they like to live in and have the peace of mind, mental relaxation. Here, visitors can enjoy the simple and pure life. Diving, swimming, strolling are all make a good combination with sunshin, sea, beaches together. When you live here, all past and future have become less important. Having a romantic honeymoon is the only one thing in your mind.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Boracay Honeymoon: The Most Beautiful Island In Philippines

Romantic Boracay Getaways - Boracay, one of the islands of Philippines, covers an area of 10.32 square kilometers. The island has a population of 12,003 people (2000). Being the most beautiful island in Philippines, Boracay belongs Western Visayas Islands and is 2 km northwest from Panay Island. In 1990, " BMW Tropical Beach Handbook" named Boracay one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And in 2007, Boracay won the first prize in "the world's most popular beach " selection.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

San Francisco Honeymoon: A Perfect Honeymoon Place In California

Romantic San Francisco Getaways - San Francisco is a city full of charm. Your yearning for freedom can be infinitely magnified here. Rainbow flags, street artists, young people with red and green hair... ... the Nobel Prize, Silicon Valley, hippies ... ... the Golden Gate Bridge, Flower Street, Chinatown ... ... Here, each month has a special anniversary. Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade in June; the San Francisco Jazz Festival in November. All of them are the factors that make San Francisco full of charm. As American writer William Salo said: "If you are still alive, San Francisco will not make you tired; if you are dead, San Francisco will let you back to life." For travelers, San Francisco can give them endless fun with freedom; for honeymooners, San Francisco is the best honeymoon destination in the world and will certainly have a romantic and memorable honeymoon.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Puglia (Apulia) Honeymoon - A Great Area In Italy

Romantic Puglia Getaways - Italy's territory is the shape of a boot and Puglia (also called Apulia) is just the bottom of boots. The nature, history, traditions and cuisine here are all fascinating and attract many tourists every year. Otranto Strait is the intersection of Ionian and the Adriatic. People who like sea can enjoy the sea view here, or enjoy the beautiful view of Gallipoli Terre Midi Islands. In the Moore Ghia National Park and the Glasgow Geno National Park, beautiful natural scenery once again become the protagonist. Umbria forest, Salt Lake, plain, caves and water tunnels constitute a fascinating landscape of Puglia.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Paris Honeymoon: The Most Romantic City In The World

Paris Getaways - Paris is the capital of France, and also is the political and cultural center. Therefore, Paris played an important role in France, or even in Europe. Located in northern France, Paris is beautiful, romantic and magical. The River Seine winds through the city, bringing its endless energy to the ancient city. In the streets of Paris, you can see the magnificent landmark buildings, beautiful fountains, sculptures everywhere. The romantic and freedom atmosphere in Paris makes every honeymooners intoxicated. Paris is divided into 20 administrative regions, and each region has its strong points in architecture and spots. The mixture of traditional strict and uninhibited fashion makes Paris become the most wonderful city for the couples to enjoy their unique and romantic honeymoon.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grenada Honeymoon: An Unforgettable Honeymoon In Caribbean - Grenada

Grenada Getaways - Grenada is known as "Island of Spice" because of rich nutmeg. In recent years, Grenada has become a favorite honeymoon destination of honeymooners for its sunny beaches, tropical rainforests and rich cultural resources. In Grenada, the couples can not only experience sailing, diving, sunbathing, but also climb the mountains covered with luxuriant forests, or spend a few days soaking in the capital city, and wandering around in the St. George Street, experience the profound impact of British and French colonial culture.